“Gender Neutrality” and the Red Tent

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gender balanceMy work with the red tent (Moon Lodge) and Feminine Spirituality and how it supports my current gender balanced life style. I am realizing that this needs clarifying.

Since the 60’s, thanks to my father, I was trained in skills normally attributed to boys only.

From navigation and directional awareness, to learning how things work, spatial awareness and mechanics, carpentry, sailing and paddling etc. I had a natural creative pull and was always dreaming and imagining.

This upbringing gave me confidence to leave my familiar western life style and jump into a completely new environment. Living simply and roughly from a knapsack for a quite a few years I explored the world and cultures unfamiliar to me.  However I had no female role models to inspire me and admired more the adventurous life style open to men. At that time in the 60’s and 70’s it was so. I knew little of the feminine nature and felt the lack of respect for it. I began the search for creative art with a level of deep feeling, emotion and powerful presence. It led me, during my travels, to the jungle shaman and their way. Little did I know it was leading me to discover The Feminine Principal long hidden!

From there I came to the realization that the powerful prime experience of creating life within our wombs was the original shamanic path, and that the path of the blood masteries, that only women hold, is the way for women to reach enlightenment. The only way… and the way most hidden. Is it any wonder few women hold world leadership roles?

How was it possible for a healthy male/female balance within a woman or a man to occur, when the inspiring and pure qualities of one half, the female half, is totally missing or distorted?

The two alchemical processes are polar opposite, totally sacred and necessary in order for the world to thrive.

I came to terms with the fact that, women can more easily learn the skills of the masculine virtues because they are “held up to the light” and glorified in our society, but for women to learn the skills of the feminine virtues is almost impossible, because they are hidden or twisted. The negative attributes are of course clearly highlighted and held up for scorn.

We all know that the patriarchy that is enforced by both genders has not only silenced the Divine Feminine creative force but often demonized it. This is crippling for both women and men today.

We all desire balance within. It is in our DNA at our source, for in the beginning we know that we were not separate.

So how was I to find a true balance, now that I was listing heavily to my male side?

It was pretty obvious, I had to dig up and untangle the true feminine powers and free them to blossom, eventually into my life and hopefully into others. Then I would be able to find the balance myself and hold both precious qualities in my soul equally. There is such a powerful and moving sense of truth and beauty in some people of “two spirits.” So this inspired me to begin my search for the true feminine. And I had a lot of help. Dreams and follow up clues began to surface.

What an exciting ride. While I delve into the alchemy of the purpose of the Moon Blood and the Womb Chakra and even the Virgin Birth mystery, I live my life more balanced than before: slowly bringing my feminine qualities forward to match my over developed masculine ones.

Painted on the ceiling of my ceremony room is the great Sri Yantra; a perfect example of the interlocking of Masculine and Feminine polar opposite qualities.  They are indeed not neutral or blended! Here is what R.Steiner said “the masculine principal cannot create, for it is the end result of all that is born from the sacred feminine source.”

The Masculine is Divine Order, the Feminine is Divine Creation.

The Feminine is the beginning of all, the Creator, the principal of abundance, forever unfolding in all directions, outpouring in vibrancy and joy.

 The Masculine brings structure and finishing to that all the Feminine creates. We constantly move from creation into ordering or from femininity into masculinity in our work….Like loam into crystal. For me, this endearing metaphor allows me to embrace both equally, as I sense how they work together inside of me.

Can you feel these qualities within you? Can you feel how vital they both are to be recognized, in their differences, within you? (If you desire a healthy balance.) If there is too much masculine there comes a lack of feeling and soulfulness and too much hard, linear insensitivity, a brittle dryness. If there is too much feminine there comes a lack of rationality and common sense and too much circular repetition, a moldy decay.

The Sri Yantra says it all in the visual language and from our ancestors. Here are the seven downward pointing triangles of the feminine, and the seven upward pointing triangles of the masculine. They are tightly interlaced and inseparable; yet each holding their own form and purpose, vibrating and ready to create, forming a starry perfection together. But each can be clearly seen as individual perfect aspects of Life: the feminine direction of “soul creation into the illusion” and the masculine direction of “transcendence into spirit.” My musings on the virtues are below.

Feminine virtues

Creation energies
Enduring strength
Past, present, future awareness
Inner world
Dark (nurturing/warm/gestating)


Masculine Virtues

Ordering energies
Power strength
Focused, present awareness
Outer world
Dominance/light (transcendence/clarity)


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Written by Maureen Walton

Maureen Walton

Maureen is a mural artist in the Toronto area.

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