Keeping His-story on track

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Dismissing Hippies as fluff is dishonoring the emerging of a more Feminine and Egalitarian era. Aprox.1960 to 1980

This was a time of the blossoming of the Feminine Nature in men & women.

Note- the Hippies were a tiny minority of youth challenging the majority, who were indulging in the affluence of the times.(these became the yuppies)

-Unisex- seeking balance

-Shacking up- initiating trial marriage and creating “common law” partnerships.

-Dressing down- breaking the dress code & challenging false authority and class distinction (no make up or “hairdos” for women, no “power suits” for men – east Indian soft cotton clothing became popular for both sexes.

-Motherhood – banishing the culturally imposed shame and ostracizing of single mothers ( labeled as “used women” & sent to Institutions with enforced labour) First abortion clinics proposed. The pill created.

-Leave no Footprint – seeking a simple and natural life style. Not chasing the almighty$ and adopting an anti-materialistic life style. Back to the land.

-Creating Communes – some successful self sustaining communities still flourish, of the many attempted . One example is Morning Glory in Northern Ontario- 40 year history.

-Education-focus on self directed learning. Blossoming of home schooling, grass roots & hands on learning. Influenced the open concept public school design.

-Flower Power- brave young men daring to show respect for their inner feminine feeling nature by wearing flowers & offering them to soldiers and other men.

-Social Titles and Hierarchy- treating all as equals & addressing others by first names only. (this was seen as very disrespectful.) Challenging control & domination by upper class and government.

-Spirituality- breaking away from Christian religion and searching for a new understanding in eastern religions and in Native spirituality. Brought Yoga to the West. Reviving the personal home altar. Searching for meaning through the use of hallucinogenic.

-Travel- seeking a wider education through travel to other cultures on “$5 a day” Avoiding tourist attractions and mingling with the people.

-Protesting- peaceful anti-war protests- focused on Love & Peace. Influenced John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s peace mission.

-A soft peaceful Feminism- was a natural part of the Hippie movement, It became more militant after the Hippie movement was over shadowed by the slow return of the patriarch.

-Health food- initiating home grown produce & gardens. First organic farms set up. Early health stores established.

-Eco homes- early solar technology. Using primitive means(black pipes & water barrels, green houses, early earth homes & geodesic domes.)

-Art- art forms of traditional woman’s handwork revived. (weaving, macramé ,clay pottery etc.)

Maureen Walton. June 2014

This era broke many engrained oppressive codes & taboos brought from the “old world.” Old issues fell away through a soft approach. It was not easy. Spirituality & Individuality was central to this movement & so different from communism and socialism.


Written by Maureen Walton

Maureen Walton

Maureen is a mural artist in the Toronto area.

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    What a plruasee to find someone who thinks through the issues

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