Monique Alore’s Mural – February 2015

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moniques mural
Very excited about this work in progress- a perfect fit for me! My friend, Monique Alore, a powerful Shamanic healer, has asked me to co- create with her a mural in her healing room, to support her work with clients.
Wanting to reflect both the inner and outer life, I painted her a cross section of a cave interior on the lower left and a vista of fields and lakes on the upper right.  Within the cave (as womb) sits Monique in contemplation, creating her world! Roaming above are her power animals. The colors also reflect the inner and outer worlds.

Deep enriched colors within, and bright sparkling colors outside.

We also designed this to include a “Tromp’liel” aspect. The cave entrance will be adorned with a 3D skull mask (created by another artist and gifted to Monique in exchange for her services).  I look forward to posting finished photos of this mural as soon as I have finished it.

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Sacred Circle Gift Shop, Tyendinaga Territory

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 I was so happy to be asked by Charlene Maracle to conjure up signage
for her wonderful shop on Hwy 49.

The gifts she has in her cosy little space, are a blend of the sacred tools
of the Celtic Culture and the Aboriginal Culture.

The wordless signs were installed last November 2014, high on a sturdy frame in clear view of the highway. The visual language says it all…and more!






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Mural in Toronto at St Cecilia’s Catholic School – Dec. 2014

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St Cecilias Catholic School

I have been honored to paint depictions of the St’s in Catholic schools recently. I am learning a lot, as I research the lives of these advanced people. I am not a Christian, but I am open and respectful to this faith.

St Cecilias Catholic SchoolI learned that Cecilia was a young Italian woman who lived around 800 ACE. She was forced to marry against her will. Her own choice was to devote her life in service to others. As she walked down the aisle, she immersed herself so intensely into the music being played for her, that she went into trance and let the sacred sounds transport her. There in communion with the “Divine” she asked to be saved from this situation.

Magically, after her marriage ceremony was completed, her husband, after hearing her desire to devote her life to serve humanity, was so in awe of her that he supported her wish, agreed to not consummate the marriage and became her devotee, for the rest of his life. That is the potential in the power of great music.

With that inspiring story I began to sketch out the composition I had designed and soon called in the kid’s 2×2 to help block in the colors. As we worked I asked them what they knew of Cecilia (these were little kids, so not to be critical) since their school is named after this great Saint.

“Oh she is the women who built the school. Didn’t you know?” 

I had a wonderful time with these children and they were a great help to me in pulling together this mural, to help celebrate the school’s 100th anniversary.

St Cecilias Catholic School

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Quinte Mohawk School, Tyendinaga Territory

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Stepping back – at Quinte Mohawk Federal school with Kathleen Manderville (principal) on Tyendinaga Territory very grateful to her and the community for bringing me onboard to paint many murals of the Mohawk traditions, in the foyer, the Gymnasium, the hallways and even surrounding a skylight.

Though taking direction from traditional people, I was given much freedom to interpret from my own inspirations as seen in this small mural of the Sky Woman. I painted there in 2005 then for the summer in 2007 and again in 2012. You can view the whole collection in my gallery called school murals and sample murals.



Whats a mural artist do anyway?

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Whats a mural artist do anyway?

Work on a grand scale!  This seems not to register with most, when I say the wall was 10’ x 50’.   And it took 10 days.
This work is labour intensive!
The wall area is layered over many times by the time I reach the finishing stage. So how many 500 sq ft is that?

When I had turned 60 my kids were already suggesting I slow down . Too hard on your body, especially for a small woman, they said. Not to mention the paint toxins. I appreciated they realized how hard this work is physically.

So when I reached 65 I was disappointed to find all my friends joking that I was questioning and wondering how I could still do this.. The ones my age were reminding me that they don’t stop at 65 but keep going… why are you even thinking of it, that’s just a govt. limit, they laughed.  These are people who know my work. Or so I thought.

Here is another level of this mural work. I don’t feel the physical strain. I am usually “beside myself” while painting and work at an incredibly fast pace. I don’t try to work fast, its just become part of the process. Clients, including myself are surprised at how much is accomplished in such a short time.

It is definitely a kind of wonderful Magic,  that I am trying not to analyze, for fear of losing it!  So perhaps I cant blame my friends, because it all appears to happens so effortlessly.

Another level is how the contracts come to me and what the content is. First of all I no longer search for them. My name is being passed around.  Mostly within the schools.There seems to be just enough of a time lapse between contracts for my shoulders to heal. The flow is always paced just perfectly t so I can accomplish the jobs pay my bills and feel contented that I am brightening the world & doing what I love..

I am amazed at the freedom clients give me to interpret their dreams. And always inspiring & uplifting dreams they are. To organize it, on a wall  in a way that  reads well and flows in harmony, is when I am in my element.

Storytelling…this is the key. The visual language is a language rarely used day to day. especially in schools, it seems. Drafting, composition, layout, dramatic angles, stylization and catching the most simple essence of a form, is a joy to conjure up.

Something from nothing! Students & teachers alike are mystified by the process of layering up to a finished piece. They are convinced I have no idea what I am doing till the third day.

Ancient symbols surface and reoccur, in the water ,sky or landforms. The energy flow around images, reveal themselves as unfolding spirals or repeating patterns. And sometimes I consciously include healthy water molecules, the star of unity or the sri yantra or the visica picis.

Colour! I can make no mistakes when I omit brown, grey & black! But feeling the effect of peach beside thalo green, or purple beside deep orange is a feeling I know the kids feel , without knowing how or why.

So I will continue to paint just as long as the contracts keep coming in. because I feel I am being supported by many. Mostly I feel my artist ancestors all lined up behind me whispering encouragement and inspirations.. Ahhh! I feel the release of all of us when we lay down our brushes after a happy day.


Metis Theme Mural / Rideau Heights / Kingston PS

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College Promenade(Little Portugal) A City of Toronto Mural Aug 2013

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College Promenade. A mural project for the City of Toronto 2013 In this mural I was helped by Mel Azeveda, Steve Henderson, Elia Walton-Amar, Jamie, & Amber Walton – Amar. So grateful to them all for being there. even if just for an hour or so. Mike Sinopoli of the Portuguese BIA arranged for the grant . It was a 50 ft wall with so much tagging that the owner was very upset, as all landlords have to pay a heavy fine to clean up their walls,each time,. this put me in the middle of landlords & young nocturnal “taggers” (not to be confused with skilled Grafitti art) their feeling is that the” city walls are free space to share”( a romantic idea.) Previously taggers never defaced other art. But when I spoke with a “go between” I realized they were not aware of the fines the city placed on the landlords. In response to the tagging of a 6 year old mural,across the street,I superimposed giant roses on each tag, creating a 3 level image which I actually like better than the original. I hope that the kids see the gesture of “peace” in that universal symbol. So I claimed the right to the walls by top coating with a silicone rubber clear coat..that any paint will bubble off of. A solution to the constant tagging on private store fronts,alleys & garages. The content of the new mural is about the creation energies of the dark watery Feminine principal & the bright, crystallizing Masculine principal. ..I hope you will drop by to visit  one day at Ossington & College st. (west)…or you may visit “community murals” on this site to see the process & finished work.


Reflections on Painting Murals in Schools

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better than the" Mona Lisa"

May 25,2013 Reflection on painting murals in the schools.

The kids are so hungry for hands on work. The toughest kids melt with a big brush in their hands. Especially when they are given permission to mark the school walls. They are most co-operative & concerned about making a mistake.Feel free I say, we can paint over it if you don’t like it. they are happy to start with underpainting.  They dont know what that is. They have no concept ofhow to build up a painting. They think the underpainting is the finished piece. Its a mess they say. She dosent know what shes doing they whisper. Then it slowly begins to “appear”. It lives, has dimension has power & presence. They are astounded. “I did that part” says one, proudly. Will they wash it off? no its permanent. wow! There is a buzz in the halls. Can I paint? There’s a line up now. “He just wants to get out of class “another tells me. They are helping me with my mural, so its more of mentor-ship situation. I show them some techniques, composition, how to siloette & simplify a form etc. most are awkward with a brush  & use the tip like a pencil & cant turn it or control it, but they soon take up the challange & try. So open & eager & friendly.I just love working with them. I am so fortunate. Together we escape the confines of a tiny rectangle of paper. We brain storm together & I paint for them ,making their favourite images or animals come to life. Working with such a big scale & with  such bold big colour impacts them. They cant avoid feeling it! Let them feel! Thats all.


Maureen Walton Murals 2005 & 2013 at Quinte Mohawk Tyendinaga

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Mural Painting and Drawings by Maureen Walton of Wyldwood Red Tent -  Femenine Soul WorkThis is to express my gratitude to all the students & teachers as well as to principal Kathleen Manderville, and more recently Vice-principal Joe Brant, for giving me the opportunity to interpret these inspiring teaching stories, visually, on your school walls. Stories that have been passed down through the ages.

It is so easy to “let it flow” when I have been made to feel so welcome! From the sketchy beginnings of the process to the final layering, I have enjoyed and learned from your questions, requests, ideas, feedback, guidance, curiosity and enthusiasm.  It was a great experience to work one to one with the kids teaching them scaling, stylizing, composition and blocking.

I am a natural storyteller (both visually & orally) and a draftswoman. My early education was spent immersing myself in the original cultures of the Melanesians, Indonesians, Australians and Inuit. As an artist I gravitated to the stories and tools of the Shaman of these cultures. I consider them my teachers. Thus my view of the world, came to be felt as a “child of the planet” and not of any nation. Therefore my interpretations are neutral. It was my intention as I worked, that these murals hold the most positive and pure message, no matter what verbal version is laid over them.

Seeing the beauty of a colour emerge, by finding its perfect complement, is pure alchemical magic. I was happy to share this with students, as well as other techniques, such as creating movement and vitality by using repeating spiraling strokes in large free gestures. In the final work, these details make the power of the story itself shine.

It has been a truly soulful experience and we are all enriched by these stories.

She: kon ;   Maureen


Peacemaker, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Mural

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