Stories of the original trinities

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Stories of the original trinities 

Two examples- Anne, Mary, Jesus-  Grandmother, Kahetosuk, Dagonawida

Mother, Daughter, Son. – Divine Creator Mothers & Divine Order Son = harmony

Present in all global creation stories.

This the  Iroquois story of the Peacemakers (re-told from the mothers’ view by Maureen Walton 2014)

Once a young woman fled her village to find healing & peace in the forest. All the tribes and nations were lost in pain, fear, violence and fighting.
She traveled far away, her tools and medicine on her back. She found a private oasis on the north shore of a lake under an ancient oak.

She let her tears flow into the swift river so her grief could be  carried away in the current. She built a fire & let her pain burn off in the flames. She sat on the sweet earth and let her fears that had accumulated in her womb blood, release into the soil. Time passed. She fell into deep sleeps. When she woke she felt she finally had space inside her womb. A quiet peaceful void, brimming with potential and with deep connection to Creation itself. It was then she realized the animals were living alongside and her and not harming her.

She began to create beautiful things with her hands. Things to prepare for winter with. She planted a 3 sisiter’s garden. She wove storage baskets, she fashioned elegant bows and spears. She made a rattle. All the while her mind was strongly rooted in sacred contemplation of the waters the earth and the cosmos. She listened intently to the messages of these elements.

Her happiness increased as her once shattered Soul was restored to wholeness. She danced a circle deosil , round her sacred fire. She dove deeply into the river daily. She was creating a life for herself. Her night dreams began to be filled with a mission of peace…of unity. She dreamed awake. Dreams ran together whether she was sleeping or waking. She fell easily into trance and was shown the whole plan to bring unity to humanity. She was visited by her spirit family.

She cut and bent saplings to form an inverted bowl like structure. She bound it with reeds and wove it through with cedar boughs. She brought down some geese and lined her lodge with feathers .Thus down guarded she sheltered from the coming winter, safe within . The winds blew and the snows drifted over  her dwelling. There In trance the spirit of the wind blew round her and she knew she had conceived. After a while she felt the presence of a great soul being drawn towards her own soul, deep within her womb. All winter long she tenderly built and formed this child, drawing from the bones and blood of her own body and attracting Divine energy directly from the Prime Creator Herself  .

In spring she emerged ready to birth. In the shallows she squatted and drew out her baby girl. She swam with her to deeper waters, cut the cord & nursed her. If you could have seen them from above…they both glowed with shimmering auras.

Time passed in bliss. Though misadventures and trials were woven through , they were protected and safe. They wanted for nothing. Her daughter inherited her mother’s hard won wisdom instantly. She was after all a divinely inspired child born from the purified and holy womb of her mother and by a spiritual father.

They knew no other humans. But they knew nature well and their communication was as telepathic as the birds & animals . They could sense everything near and far. All their clairs were open.

And so in time the same wind blew round the daughter and she also conceived. She also carefully built and formed the child with her blood. She also received into her soulful womb a powerful soul , but this time of a boy. This then is the magic of three. For when he was born he inherited the wisdom of both his mothers.  And so the completion of their mission was sealed. He would bring order and forward movement to all that his mothers had created.

He was surrounded by love.  His mothers taught him to hunt & fish and instructed him in all practical and spiritual ways. For nothing is separate from the sacred. Truth and beauty was all they knew. Therefore they attracted that beauty into their rich lives and so were safe from harm.

One day they saw a strange sight. Some say it was a craft that floated in the air and was of red granite. Others say it was a white birch bark canoe sailing by. They could not fathom it or register its meaning. But the boy found soon , the same red stone shot through with crystal, nearby and was inspired to carve a canoe from it. It became his passion. His mothers sang to him and beat their water drums. For they knew it was part of the mission .

Now they were all dreaming of the details of how the unity mission would work . Chiefs would be chosen, by the women , to lead. Ceremonies would be designed and laws would be put in place.  Surfacing from a trance the daughter, who’s name was Kahetosuk, counseled her son.” Never  allow order and law to over take the presence of the  creative flow, or all will fall into destruction once more. But this time from too much control. rather than from lack of it”.  He promised.

So it was that their son , Dagonawida, launched his impossible craft and with his mothers’ blessings , sailed away. The mothers had told him that if the sap of the great oak ran red they would know he was in danger and would come to his aid.   Until then they would “hold space” and ground his work from afar. And so begins the story of his journey to bring peace amoung the nations.

Re-told by Maureen Walton (this is from the original story of the Peacemaker as heard orally from various versions on Tyendinaga Territory. The life of the Mothers was not included in the Mohawk version that I heard, with the exception of the three trials by the Mother. This info came from my imagination as I painted this story down the school halls, as well as from my communications with Andree Morgana , Marcine Quesner and from Marguerite Rigoglioso PHD)


Written by Maureen Walton

Maureen Walton

Maureen is a mural artist in the Toronto area.

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    Beautiful rendition of a beautiful story Maureen.

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