The Luminus Structure…a woman’s path to enlightenment- Aug 2014

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The luminus structure is a scematic of the function of the Womb chakra. It is how women connect divine energy to the body. It contains both male & female principals.

Note that the fem. triangle points downward but its foundation(base) is in the spiritual realm. Also note that the male triangle is pointing upward to the spiritual yet its foundation is in the material, earthly realm.

The fem. creation energies are of the dark void (full of vibrating potential of all) At conception the male principal ignites one of those vibrations. Then the fem.principal nurtures and develops that idea so that it grows,develops & manifests during the gestation period.

At birth the masc. & fem. principals within the womans body,work together in harmony to fully bring the creation to term in the 3-D world of illusion. This stage allows the light to engage equaly with the creation energies of the dark womb, thus combining the polar opposite energies of female and male– forming & finishing.

This process, bonds back to one, the polar energies, like the Great Creation before the “split” or the “big bang” and is called ‘Jappa creation’ in Inca terms.. This quantum creation of bringing in something entirely new, all takes place within the womb. And is a form of enlightenment,or magic…creating something out of nothing!

The womb with its sacred nature has one bring blessings to the planet. to connect to and pull in divine energy and so create new & divinely inspired life.(whether conceptual or human!)

To gather & pull down this divine energy every woman needs to first clear her womb with special training and with soul clearing practices . Otherwise she will have little accesses to to enlightenment.

The trancendance path to enlightenment works against a womans becoming, unless she has first purified her womb from anscetoral abuse, mastered the Blood Masteries and the Luminus Structure meditations. She needs to fully understands the power of her womb.

The male trancendance path to enlightenment is called Ranti. It is when 2 similar things find resonance which allows for a third thing to pop out- such as an “atunement” or when two resonant tones create a “harmonic” .

Religious practices of the last 3000 years or so,use the Ranti approach to enlightenment.We attempt to raise ourselves to a level of unconditional love,thus atuning to a divine vibration.

Inca wisdom of the Feminine via Cindy Lindsay.


Written by Maureen Walton

Maureen Walton

Maureen is a mural artist in the Toronto area.

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