Gratitude to Tania Tonanzin & her wonderful friends for enthusiastically engaging in a full weekend of exploring & learning together,about the mysteries of the Womb Chakra from the Inca Tradition & from the Indian tradition. This knowledge has been transcribed by Cindy Lindsay PHD who studied under the Qero Indians, seasonally  for 7 years, from The Qero carried this wisdom untouched, through the Spanish invasion,remaining undiscovered themselves, until the 1960’s. The teachings reveal forgotten mysteries of the Moon Blood & the Power of the Womb. They offer meditations to reclaim our soul connection& our divine connection to the creation of the universe itself. They offer womb cleansing procedures & methods of purifying the womb space & honouring it once more as the most holy & sacred place of all creations. Reminding us that this is our gift…to manifest beauty in the world, daily.

Cindy also taught us of the same Womb Chakra energy newly surfacing in India. This toonot the second chakra but a major energy  center of a different system than the later seven chakra system. It is located behind the womb & in front of the spine. Personally I intuit this powerful  chakra as encompassing all the other seven. We were excited to find that a visual image of the Womb, a Yantra, together with mantras, survived. Swami Kaleshwar dedicated his life to searching out the sages who carried & kept secret this wisdom, for 7ooo years. Which makes this  information come from pre Hindu times and so from the indigenous peoples of India before organized religion. The images & writings were drawn on palm leaves.

Feminine wisdom is surfacing all over the world. The incredible power of the Womb is resurfacing & holds the Creation Energies of everything Divine. Each woman has a direct link to the source of all.

I am happy to have been able to share this information with Tania’s group(Lunae Healing Arts) of 13 women. We are soon to compile a presentation of the weekend’s work to share and are excited to continue offering this  this as an annual workshop here at Wyldwood Sojurn’s Red Tent.