Proposed Blood Masteries Course

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December 2018-


Proposed Blood Masteries Course at Wyldwood Sojourn in 2020


Hello and welcome !


No where can I find teachings of the inner alchemical workings to explain how women conceive divinely ensouled life within their precious sacred Wombs, not just human life (as if thats not enough) but deeply inspired creations on all levels, each month! 


This is our birth right and our gift. an incredible process of awakening the power of the Womb.


I know that this was a known and accepted art in Matriarchal societies and that it is practiced among some trained Hindu women even today.  I realize that it must be kept secret in this patriarchal age. This tradition of learning how to create to a very super high degree of manifestation, was central to the mysteries practiced in the now forgotten Moon Lodge. (now referred to as a place were women were banished!)


But nevertheless we must step up and connect and relearn these sacred ceremonial practices if we are to restore balance and harmony in the world! The burying of all wisdom arising from the feminine source, and the viewing of everything through a patriarchal lens is increasing, not lessening! We are also still being written out of history. We know the agenda and I wont discuss this here.

Hand in hand with that comes more violence and less respect for all.


 There was nothing more exciting and hopeful for me than finding the Inca meditation of joining heart and womb, plus the Indian re discovery of the Holy Womb Chakra in 2009.


For this I give credit to Cindy Lindsay of New Mexico, who herself researched and studied with Qero shamen in Peru (who avoided the Spanish genocide by hiding out in the Andes for 500 years.)

Cindy can also claim bringing to me knowledge of  the mantra of the Holy Womb Chakra, which was rediscovered in 2000, by Swami Kaleshwar of India.


Was it coincidence that I bought a small piece of land just a few minutes from the place were the ultimate story of self conceiving happened…the virgin birth of the Iroquois peacemaker, that occurred 1000 years ago on the north shore of Lake Ontario? This is another hidden mystery.


So I invite you to join me in my little intimate hideaway here, to re-recover and study the long forgotten Blood Masteries. once accepted as the norm and practiced globally.

Its very discouraging to see, even in seemingly forward thinking groups like Gaia TV, that the feminine principal view, is just simply unknown and unexplored, in every subject they cover. we seem to be on our own!

I am  open to this information of the blood masteries ( to bring in enlightened ideas and avatars) as being from off planet sources. In fact it feels most likely.


As Swami Kaleshawr said…the Womb is the only portal for blessings to reach the planet!”


These are concepts we can discuss. To begin I am expanding my usual 2day wknd retreats, to a 6 month course. focused solely on this work of re empowering woman’s ability to pull into their Wombs, huge quantities of divine source soul  and creation energies.

This re- membering  may be the key to restoring the harmony that was the norm in egalitarian societies of pre patriarchal days.


Maureen will post the course outline on the upcoming workshops/ schedules in January 2019. This course will include lectures, teachings, hands on projects, movement, hikes, water and earth ceremonies, music, as well as guest speakers. It will be a series of 8 wknd retreats with email and zoom chats in between.

The first step is to begin the healing, to make space for this wonderful possibility… as it was in the beginning. 




Here are a few samples of writings from Cindy, that we will be considering….


…Attachment to the divine creates for her” heavenly possibilities”. Thus the segregation and quietness of menses time, allows for attachment to high divine possibilities.


 Women can choose to keep their “high divine” energies within rather than release them-even before menopause. This comes with time spent in a dedicated & purified ceremony space and with intense practice . She can thus increase the level of divine energy im[ported each month)


In addition, women are sponges for energy during their menses. They can draw down huge amount of divine energy into the void within them. In communal ceremony not intended for this purpose this could leave little or no divine energy for others.

Thus women need to seek solitude or the company of other menstruating women for special ceremonies of pulling divine energy into the womb. Further, women in their menses should not be in big crowds of people since there is too much negativity they could absorb from others. Womb energy and the blood of the menses are powerful sacred materials and deserve special place and ceremony.


Taking the menses as sacred means: no work, separation from the daily negativity and responsibilities, spending time in inner refection, prayer and divine connection, and staying emotionally even and non-attached to worldly experience. What does that really mean? Does it mean no job, housework, kids, partner, civic responsibilities, shopping, meetings etc? Yes. Ideally it does.


However in modern times this may be an impossible standard. Therefore, do the best you can to rest and stay in contemplation and divine connection. Reduce to a minimum the number of contacts and responsibilities you have. In addition, take care of yourself physically. Eat nutritional food, drink water that you have blessed, avoid alcohol, avoid any sex, and maintain emotional non-attachment. The most important practices of these are drinking blessed water, avoiding sexual contact, and emotional non-attachment.”




Musings on the Need for Balance

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Siberian ShamanThere is a view, it seems that pits white culture against indigenous cultures that live with reverence towards nature and therefore towards the feminine principal and women themselves.

The white culture is extremely patriarchal and so we have all, men and women, indeed lost touch with the feminine within, and so subjugate nature based cultures, and label them undeveloped.

The positive aspects of the masculine are mostly buried today and the negative aspects have gone wildly destructive, without positive feminine qualities engaged, to sustain balance.

What I feel both types of societies have forgotten is that this white culture too was once nature based, one holding great reverence for nature and the feminine and was thus balanced and more harmonious than now.

White women and men, of power and influence, were part of a thriving European nature based culture. Yes even white women had moon lodges and birthing temples and Witches were held in high esteem for their beautiful healing and midwifery skills.

Yes even white women were landowners and farmers. White men were not seen as weak to shed a tear and to honor their emotions! There was less pressure on them to be “superior and hard hearted”. It’s difficult to believe that white men, in the past, shared equally with women in business, property ownership, decision making, prophecy, philosophy, higher learning etc.

Yet it is true. We have been steered away from remembering our true history.

Many white women today are reaching out to learn from all who are in tune with their inner feminine, no matter the gender or culture, to remember who they are!

In Europe it has been at least 3000 years since this balance existed, at least in pockets! …it is long lost, and difficult to access. Most recently, its worst state of fear of the feminine was in the middle ages, during the 300 years of witch burnings, led by our white brothers (and supported by some white sisters).

This newly blossoming search for the Inner Divine Feminine is being eagerly sought by women, and some men, of many cultures today.

Now I realize I have omitted the other patriarchal cultures that oppress the feminine spirit, such as the Middle East, and India and China. I am focusing this musing to, white verses “colonies” because the white culture went out to conquer, convert and destroy other nations. So as a white woman healer, artist and spiritual feminist, I do not align myself with my white brother’s history and feel estranged from them.

I am rejoicing to see this trend coming, of the return of the Divine Feminine and to see white men being attracted to it, even though in small numbers! This movement knows no boundaries and embraces all and everyone as equal and that is why it feels right. The Feminine principal in women holds the direct link to pure Soul energy.

Creations of profound beauty cannot be birthed on earth without a deep connection to a purified Feminine Soul, together with a loving heart.

There are two qualities within the Masculine and Feminine principals, which are confused on a “popular” level I feel. The Masculine principal holds divine and not so divine qualities, as does the Feminine. The patriarchal culture makes the mistake of holding up to the light the positive aspect of itself and the negative aspects of the Feminine.

In this way the positive, or rather divine aspects of the Feminine, have been lost, silenced or distorted.

For example in our current culture, the sun is seen as life giving and the moon is seen as destructive. If we lived in a Matriarch (which would be just as awful in reverse) the moon would be life giving and the sun destructive, both are wrong.

In a balanced view, the moon would be known to cause things to grow round and full and low, and gather in and magnify all the beauty. The Sun would be seen as what forms and finishes and give divine order to all the beauty that the Feminine creates. In our coming Egalitarian culture (as prophesied by the Mayan) this will come to be realized and lived.

I am not denying the destructive aspects of the sun and moon. The sun and its light can burn, overexpose, dry up and kill. Without the gentle, quiet, protective Darkness, to reflect in and restore oneself in, we would die. The Moon also can attract negative energies and magnify that! So we have four active aspects to show the contrast in life.

I am grateful to the Indigenous people for preserving, against all odds, the Feminine Soul Wisdom, within their heritages, and in sharing it with those who seek truth and in helping us remember where it lies…in our wounded, shattered souls.

I am grateful for the re-discovery of the Sanskrit Palm Leaves in India and of the Inca tradition of the Womb, kept sacred and hidden until the 1970’s.


The Black Madonna…my understanding

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She is the Cosmos, the great cosmic void, the source of all creation, the silent Divine Darkness which brims with all potential of all that is to be and what has been. A place of great intensity and anticipation. The place of gestation. The Womb. The nurturing warm, darkness were life grows to perfection. All tender new life unfolds from within the Black Madonna/  Dark Mother. No Light is allowed here, for all new life would die from premature over exposure.

So we see Her image with a tiny Sun on her lap. For the Sun’s light reaches only so far into her great vast realm. In her hand she holds the planet earth. The other hand shelters her Moon, which is in her Sun’s hand. The Moon controls the waters & the Blood of Life. The Sun’s other hand forms a gesture…a voice. He appears to express what she is creating. He brings divine order to her creations, if he is sitting on her lap, and remains deeply connected to her Soulfulness.

The Black Madonna gives birth to the whole solar system as well as the universe beyond. It is all contained within her. She is the Soul energy which enlivens all of her Creations and gives will and feeling and substance to them. She is the master of Divine Manifestation. Her movement is downward pointing, into Illusion. She is warm and moist and makes all things grow wide and round and full of loving emotion and feeling. Her tools are the elements. Her sister is woman. A woman’s womb is the gateway to bring the Black Madonna’s blessings to the Earth in all ways. on all levels. A woman holds a direct link back to the first creation in her earthly womb.

Maureen Walton 2014


Colour is born out of the Dark! From Lianne Collot (Steiner)

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When darkness meets with the light it appears as a rainbow.

Light cannot give birth. For it is the end result of all that was born in the Dark.

Darkness moves in all directions & is forever unfolding & birthing (it is the womb space & primary resting place of the Soul)

Light forms & gives structure to everything the Darkness creates.

Quote;  “The arising & weaving of movement by Cosmic Soul, is carried on the nurturing hands of Darkness…to reveal itself as illuminating colour!” Liane Collot.

Colous behind the Light;  (cool)

Green– carries a spiritual quality deeply into the world of soul.So balancing the two opposite love energies of Masc. & Fem.

Turquoise; Transperent,a cosmic feeling colour,frozen in th e light, living in soul & longing for weight.

Cobalt: an opaque colour moving toward the light. Holding the will of the sacred darkness.

Indigo: free from light, Indigo is the door to mystery. a veil before the unknown, bringing you from a feeling of aloneness to a feeling of” all is one!”

Violet;  In suspension. A lake of compassion, quieting, nursing conscience.

Colours in Front of the Light:

Lime Green;  release of the first veil of darkness. Shattering dividing & reforming. Lime is split by the powerful antipathy of light.

Yellow; Radiating joy! Dying into the light(absence of dark)

Orange; Expression of awe,a gathering of soulful weight. Dark in its concentration.

Carmine: Seed of the soulful sacred dark.Resulting in an active, willing & strengthening of ideals. Expanding nature of darkness & longing for compassion.

Magenta; a revelation of creative mercy! Holding an eternal outpouring of creative will!

The perception of colour is affected by our depth of feeling.

For example one sees colour more intensely in fever (or green tea) The experience of colour can become more deadened through a lifetime because of our modern life styles. (atrophy of soul quality) this is found in a lack of enthusiasm, inner striving & will. It is revealed in colour blindness. (Since more men than woman suffer colour blindness, it reveals the lack of the inner feminine connection in men)

Colour is free movement of soul in spirit. Colour is an expression of cosmic feeling in continual movement.If one can “feel” the shift from one colour to another, one is feeling the movement of the Soul, and so we engage in “enlivening” Nature & working with the Elementals.

Sept 2013 Maureen


Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair!

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Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair! A Shamanic journey. A retelling by Maureen Walton 2014

Once upon a time there was a young woman who was pregnant. She was full of joy & felt as powerful as the great Creator herself…which she was . All her senses were peaked and presently her sense of taste flooded in, as she noticed the lush crop of hardy northern vegetables in her neighbours back yard! It was rapini, also known as rapunzel. So nourishing and green! Her dear partner, wishing to please, leapt the fence and gathered a big armful. ‘Not so fast’ came a voice! It was the gardens owner. ‘If only you had asked I would have given but this is a transgression that needs payment’. The old woman made him promise to give up his baby when she was seven years old.

Partly out of fear & partly from careless thinking that she would forget, or be dead in seven years, he agreed.

So time past and one day the old woman knocked on their door & before you could wink ,she had whisked the child away by magic.

The old woman took her to a hidden sanctuary situated on a powerful fault line in a forest. It was an ancient stone tower and had two rooms at the top and a little balcony. This was where oracles came to spend time in deep meditation & seclusion. It was richly and comfortably furnished and held many ritual objects and instruments. Here the old woman proceeded to pass on her vast knowledge to Rapunzel. For that was her name. The old woman often sang medicine songs to Rapunzel as she combed and braided her hair. Rapunzel grew in purity & wisdom. Time passed and her hair became very long. All her power seemed to be bound up in her hair, that was never cut. The old woman would leave for extended times now that Rapunzel was older and Rapunzel would tie off her hair to the railing & let the old gal climb up, as the stairs had long ago been sealed off.

One morning after the old woman had left her, to go on a mission, Rapunzel was singing her sweet songs out over the forest , when a man appeared from out of the thick woods. Both were shocked. Both were afraid. For the young man knew only powerful witches dwelt there. And the young woman knew that her time of seclusion was over.

They studied each other for a long time and read each others field of being. In time they began to speak. And finally she let down her hair for him. After professing their love he departed, promising to return to free her.

Of course when the old teacher returned to visit her prodigy, she sensed immediately the change, the smell of her and the look in her eyes. IN a rage and in despair she cut off Rapunzels hair. As if to sever forever the student who had violated the strict law of seclusion. Then she tied off the braid and waited. When the young man returned and had climbed most of the way up to the tower balcony, he plunged to the thorn bushes below, as the old woman let go the severed braid. Then she spirited Rapunzel away to a distant dry landscape, and left her alone.

So began the young couples yearning , and the search for the other. The young man was blinded by the thorns and could not find his way to his own home , or to Rapunzel. He became a beggar, forever listening for the sound of her sweet voice.

Meanwhile Rapunzel retreated to the safety of the forest to give birth to their child .She emerged saftely and in time ,because of her beautiful voice, was welcomed in many town squares to sing for people and thus she & her baby were fed & given shelter.

So it was, by fate, one day that the two arrived in the same town and the young man heard his sweethearts voice drifting to his ears. He walked towards the sound and soon felt her arms around him with her tears of joy falling into his wounded eyes. This was the medicine he needed, for soon he could see once more and Rapunzel , her hair now long again, realized her power had returned.

So they returned to the young man’s own home, with their beautiful child. And do you know that he was the King of that land and she became the Queen.

And so true balance and peace reigned in that country for as long as they lived…and that’s all I know of them.


Power of the Womb Retreat NO. 2 Jan 17.2014

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Feminine Retreat Women's Murals | Red Tent Wyldwood SojournI am excited about this Winter retreat. We will be creating snow altars to Pachamama! We will have the stove lit in the tiny yurt…our Sacred space,moon Lodge,were we will practice our listening and meditations. The waterfall is perfectly situated in the west,though frozen in time! Edgar,our cook is preparing elegant dishes from the vegan diet,warming and nutritious. The communal sleeping loft has an added feature of two south facing skylights in the attic roof. it is here also we will clear for our sacred circle discussions of the Qero wisdom of the Womb Power.In the downstairs studio we will gather for creating clay and copper art works to honour the womb. All this in the deeply delicious Darkness of winter. The perfect time to go inward and share stories and knowledge,. this is not about “shadow work” this is about Creation and Birthing work! The good aspect of the Dark.


A Wyldwood Red Tent Retreat to Remember June 2013

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  Gratitude to Tania Tonanzin & her wonderful friends for enthusiastically engaging in a full weekend of exploring & learning together,about the mysteries of the Womb Chakra from the Inca Tradition & from the Indian tradition. This knowledge has been transcribed by Cindy Lindsay PHD who studied under the Qero Indians, seasonally  for 7 years, from The Qero carried this wisdom untouched, through the Spanish invasion,remaining undiscovered themselves, until the 1960’s. The teachings reveal forgotten mysteries of the Moon Blood & the Power of the Womb. They offer meditations to reclaim our soul connection& our divine connection to the creation of the universe itself. They offer womb cleansing procedures & methods of purifying the womb space & honouring it once more as the most holy & sacred place of all creations. Reminding us that this is our gift…to manifest beauty in the world, daily.

Cindy also taught us of the same Womb Chakra energy newly surfacing in India. This toonot the second chakra but a major energy  center of a different system than the later seven chakra system. It is located behind the womb & in front of the spine. Personally I intuit this powerful  chakra as encompassing all the other seven. We were excited to find that a visual image of the Womb, a Yantra, together with mantras, survived. Swami Kaleshwar dedicated his life to searching out the sages who carried & kept secret this wisdom, for 7ooo years. Which makes this  information come from pre Hindu times and so from the indigenous peoples of India before organized religion. The images & writings were drawn on palm leaves.

Feminine wisdom is surfacing all over the world. The incredible power of the Womb is resurfacing & holds the Creation Energies of everything Divine. Each woman has a direct link to the source of all.

I am happy to have been able to share this information with Tania’s group(Lunae Healing Arts) of 13 women. We are soon to compile a presentation of the weekend’s work to share and are excited to continue offering this  this as an annual workshop here at Wyldwood Sojurn’s Red Tent.


The Green Man/Horned God

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I have been learning from  the Inca, that the most powerful chakra in a woman’s body is the Womb Chakra (obvious when you think about it) and that the home of the Soul in the Womb.

The Feminine Soul is the connecting power between the Masculine Spirit and the Body (our temple) TheWomb’s attraction power is the only way that the material world can be imbued with sacredness…as I understand. The womb is the master of manifestation! The body & the material world is meant to be divinely imbued by this feminine soulful power. ( moon lodge work helps us to maintain this responsibility)

A man connects to his soul mostly through loving connection to women, or through devotional practices to Gaia/Dea (via navel gazing practice) 3000 yrs of patriarchy has disconnected men from their soulfulness. (feeling, emotion, karmic etc.) Marion Woodman suggests that men who are not in relationship to a Goddess (rather DEA) have no choice but to project their soul needs  on to a woman. A woman cannot(should not) carry this & her failure to, can cause a feeling of loss in men & is part of the reason for the global violence toward women.

From what I have gleaned over the years, the Green Man (or Horned God) comes from a time (pre patriarchy) when men had a healthier relationship towards women & the virtues of the feminine principal ,& held it as sacred. He was seen as a messenger of Nature in the Celtic world. Free from the pressures of the patriarch he grew in sensitivity & balance & was in service to the life source- Mother Nature. Briefly, he was also a symbol for  seasonal regeneration & change, so also a God of Death, hence his mistaken identity as a devil, in traditions that fear death.


Marysville Red Tent Spring Equinox 2013

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With the Equinox marking the time of perfect balance, between night & day…Masculine & Feminine, I thought I would share with you my musings on the virtues in both polar opposites. With these qualities more defined & clarified, we can discover our own inner balance/or not!


Feminine – will
F – descending energies
F – darkness
F – creation energies
F – inner world
F – Soul
F – diffused awareness
F – enduring strength
F – organic flow
F – receiving (meditation)
F – wholeness
F – past, present, future
F – feeling
Masculine – control
M – ascending energies
M – light
M – finishing energies
M – outer world
M – Spirit
M – focused awareness
M – power strength
M – fixed stable
M – sending (prayerful)
M – specialization
M – present
M – logic




The Red Tent: Lonsdale Chapter

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 The Red Tent

Lonsdale Chapter (Marysville, Ontario)

Also called the Dark Lodge or Moon Lodge…an ancient global practice

 Feminine Retreat Women's Murals | Red Tent Wyldwood Sojourn

See the; Red Tent Movement (founded in 2008 by Alisa Starkweather)

There are many such new moon gatherings for women; blossoming all over the world as we begin to re-member what has been dis-membered…to begin to see the world through the female lens!

Our little lodge (a Mongolian yurt) has been afloat since 2009. Coming & going in waves of between 3 & 10 women. I wish to share the studies I have pursued of newly surfaced wisdoms, of the inner feminine world. There is so much information coming to me that I have decided to begin to present this as a study group for women who are ready to delve deep.

Each leader of a Red Tent may take it in any direction they wish as long as it is not connected to any religion. It may simply be a woman’s’ circle to share & drum & relax.

There is one aspect that is universal. From the new moon to the full moon is the most potent time to gather in good energies. To call down the moon , as they say .Therefore the Moon Lodge is a place of creating joy & abundance. As women, we are masters of manifestation.

The Moon Lodge is the opposite to the Sweat Lodge and holds the necessary balance. The sweat lodge is for releasing issues & is held from the full moon to the new moon. The moon lodge is for gathering visions.

Lots more to share . Feel free to share with me!

Maureen  of Wyldwood Sojourn