College Promenade. A mural project for the City of Toronto 2013 In this mural I was helped by Mel Azeveda, Steve Henderson, Elia Walton-Amar, Jamie, & Amber Walton – Amar. So grateful to them all for being there. even if just for an hour or so. Mike Sinopoli of the Portuguese BIA arranged for the grant . It was a 50 ft wall with so much tagging that the owner was very upset, as all landlords have to pay a heavy fine to clean up their walls,each time,. this put me in the middle of landlords & young nocturnal “taggers” (not to be confused with skilled Grafitti art) their feeling is that the” city walls are free space to share”( a romantic idea.) Previously taggers never defaced other art. But when I spoke with a “go between” I realized they were not aware of the fines the city placed on the landlords. In response to the tagging of a 6 year old mural,across the street,I superimposed giant roses on each tag, creating a 3 level image which I actually like better than the original. I hope that the kids see the gesture of “peace” in that universal symbol. So I claimed the right to the walls by top coating with a silicone rubber clear coat..that any paint will bubble off of. A solution to the constant tagging on private store fronts,alleys & garages. The content of the new mural is about the creation energies of the dark watery Feminine principal & the bright, crystallizing Masculine principal. ..I hope you will drop by to visit  one day at Ossington & College st. (west)…or you may visit “community murals” on this site to see the process & finished work.