Marysville Red Tent Spring Equinox 2013

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With the Equinox marking the time of perfect balance, between night & day…Masculine & Feminine, I thought I would share with you my musings on the virtues in both polar opposites. With these qualities more defined & clarified, we can discover our own inner balance/or not!


Feminine – will
F – descending energies
F – darkness
F – creation energies
F – inner world
F – Soul
F – diffused awareness
F – enduring strength
F – organic flow
F – receiving (meditation)
F – wholeness
F – past, present, future
F – feeling
Masculine – control
M – ascending energies
M – light
M – finishing energies
M – outer world
M – Spirit
M – focused awareness
M – power strength
M – fixed stable
M – sending (prayerful)
M – specialization
M – present
M – logic




Written by Maureen Walton

Maureen Walton

Maureen is a mural artist in the Toronto area.

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