Feminine Retreat Women's Murals | Red Tent Wyldwood SojournI am excited about this Winter retreat. We will be creating snow altars to Pachamama! We will have the stove lit in the tiny yurt…our Sacred space,moon Lodge,were we will practice our listening and meditations. The waterfall is perfectly situated in the west,though frozen in time! Edgar,our cook is preparing elegant dishes from the vegan diet,warming and nutritious. The communal sleeping loft has an added feature of two south facing skylights in the attic roof. it is here also we will clear for our sacred circle discussions of the Qero wisdom of the Womb Power.In the downstairs studio we will gather for creating clay and copper art works to honour the womb. All this in the deeply delicious Darkness of winter. The perfect time to go inward and share stories and knowledge,. this is not about “shadow work” this is about Creation and Birthing work! The good aspect of the Dark.