December 2018-


Proposed Blood Masteries Course at Wyldwood Sojourn in 2020


Hello and welcome !


No where can I find teachings of the inner alchemical workings to explain how women conceive divinely ensouled life within their precious sacred Wombs, not just human life (as if thats not enough) but deeply inspired creations on all levels, each month! 


This is our birth right and our gift. an incredible process of awakening the power of the Womb.


I know that this was a known and accepted art in Matriarchal societies and that it is practiced among some trained Hindu women even today.  I realize that it must be kept secret in this patriarchal age. This tradition of learning how to create to a very super high degree of manifestation, was central to the mysteries practiced in the now forgotten Moon Lodge. (now referred to as a place were women were banished!)


But nevertheless we must step up and connect and relearn these sacred ceremonial practices if we are to restore balance and harmony in the world! The burying of all wisdom arising from the feminine source, and the viewing of everything through a patriarchal lens is increasing, not lessening! We are also still being written out of history. We know the agenda and I wont discuss this here.

Hand in hand with that comes more violence and less respect for all.


 There was nothing more exciting and hopeful for me than finding the Inca meditation of joining heart and womb, plus the Indian re discovery of the Holy Womb Chakra in 2009.


For this I give credit to Cindy Lindsay of New Mexico, who herself researched and studied with Qero shamen in Peru (who avoided the Spanish genocide by hiding out in the Andes for 500 years.)

Cindy can also claim bringing to me knowledge of  the mantra of the Holy Womb Chakra, which was rediscovered in 2000, by Swami Kaleshwar of India.


Was it coincidence that I bought a small piece of land just a few minutes from the place were the ultimate story of self conceiving happened…the virgin birth of the Iroquois peacemaker, that occurred 1000 years ago on the north shore of Lake Ontario? This is another hidden mystery.


So I invite you to join me in my little intimate hideaway here, to re-recover and study the long forgotten Blood Masteries. once accepted as the norm and practiced globally.

Its very discouraging to see, even in seemingly forward thinking groups like Gaia TV, that the feminine principal view, is just simply unknown and unexplored, in every subject they cover. we seem to be on our own!

I am  open to this information of the blood masteries ( to bring in enlightened ideas and avatars) as being from off planet sources. In fact it feels most likely.


As Swami Kaleshawr said…the Womb is the only portal for blessings to reach the planet!”


These are concepts we can discuss. To begin I am expanding my usual 2day wknd retreats, to a 6 month course. focused solely on this work of re empowering woman’s ability to pull into their Wombs, huge quantities of divine source soul  and creation energies.

This re- membering  may be the key to restoring the harmony that was the norm in egalitarian societies of pre patriarchal days.


Maureen will post the course outline on the upcoming workshops/ schedules in January 2019. This course will include lectures, teachings, hands on projects, movement, hikes, water and earth ceremonies, music, as well as guest speakers. It will be a series of 8 wknd retreats with email and zoom chats in between.

The first step is to begin the healing, to make space for this wonderful possibility… as it was in the beginning. 




Here are a few samples of writings from Cindy, that we will be considering….


…Attachment to the divine creates for her” heavenly possibilities”. Thus the segregation and quietness of menses time, allows for attachment to high divine possibilities.


 Women can choose to keep their “high divine” energies within rather than release them-even before menopause. This comes with time spent in a dedicated & purified ceremony space and with intense practice . She can thus increase the level of divine energy im[ported each month)


In addition, women are sponges for energy during their menses. They can draw down huge amount of divine energy into the void within them. In communal ceremony not intended for this purpose this could leave little or no divine energy for others.

Thus women need to seek solitude or the company of other menstruating women for special ceremonies of pulling divine energy into the womb. Further, women in their menses should not be in big crowds of people since there is too much negativity they could absorb from others. Womb energy and the blood of the menses are powerful sacred materials and deserve special place and ceremony.


Taking the menses as sacred means: no work, separation from the daily negativity and responsibilities, spending time in inner refection, prayer and divine connection, and staying emotionally even and non-attached to worldly experience. What does that really mean? Does it mean no job, housework, kids, partner, civic responsibilities, shopping, meetings etc? Yes. Ideally it does.


However in modern times this may be an impossible standard. Therefore, do the best you can to rest and stay in contemplation and divine connection. Reduce to a minimum the number of contacts and responsibilities you have. In addition, take care of yourself physically. Eat nutritional food, drink water that you have blessed, avoid alcohol, avoid any sex, and maintain emotional non-attachment. The most important practices of these are drinking blessed water, avoiding sexual contact, and emotional non-attachment.”