better than the" Mona Lisa"

May 25,2013 Reflection on painting murals in the schools.

The kids are so hungry for hands on work. The toughest kids melt with a big brush in their hands. Especially when they are given permission to mark the school walls. They are most co-operative & concerned about making a mistake.Feel free I say, we can paint over it if you don’t like it. they are happy to start with underpainting.  They dont know what that is. They have no concept ofhow to build up a painting. They think the underpainting is the finished piece. Its a mess they say. She dosent know what shes doing they whisper. Then it slowly begins to “appear”. It lives, has dimension has power & presence. They are astounded. “I did that part” says one, proudly. Will they wash it off? no its permanent. wow! There is a buzz in the halls. Can I paint? There’s a line up now. “He just wants to get out of class “another tells me. They are helping me with my mural, so its more of mentor-ship situation. I show them some techniques, composition, how to siloette & simplify a form etc. most are awkward with a brush  & use the tip like a pencil & cant turn it or control it, but they soon take up the challange & try. So open & eager & friendly.I just love working with them. I am so fortunate. Together we escape the confines of a tiny rectangle of paper. We brain storm together & I paint for them ,making their favourite images or animals come to life. Working with such a big scale & with  such bold big colour impacts them. They cant avoid feeling it! Let them feel! Thats all.