She is the Cosmos, the great cosmic void, the source of all creation, the silent Divine Darkness which brims with all potential of all that is to be and what has been. A place of great intensity and anticipation. The place of gestation. The Womb. The nurturing warm, darkness were life grows to perfection. All tender new life unfolds from within the Black Madonna/  Dark Mother. No Light is allowed here, for all new life would die from premature over exposure.

So we see Her image with a tiny Sun on her lap. For the Sun’s light reaches only so far into her great vast realm. In her hand she holds the planet earth. The other hand shelters her Moon, which is in her Sun’s hand. The Moon controls the waters & the Blood of Life. The Sun’s other hand forms a gesture…a voice. He appears to express what she is creating. He brings divine order to her creations, if he is sitting on her lap, and remains deeply connected to her Soulfulness.

The Black Madonna gives birth to the whole solar system as well as the universe beyond. It is all contained within her. She is the Soul energy which enlivens all of her Creations and gives will and feeling and substance to them. She is the master of Divine Manifestation. Her movement is downward pointing, into Illusion. She is warm and moist and makes all things grow wide and round and full of loving emotion and feeling. Her tools are the elements. Her sister is woman. A woman’s womb is the gateway to bring the Black Madonna’s blessings to the Earth in all ways. on all levels. A woman holds a direct link back to the first creation in her earthly womb.

Maureen Walton 2014