I have been learning from  the Inca, that the most powerful chakra in a woman’s body is the Womb Chakra (obvious when you think about it) and that the home of the Soul in the Womb.

The Feminine Soul is the connecting power between the Masculine Spirit and the Body (our temple) TheWomb’s attraction power is the only way that the material world can be imbued with sacredness…as I understand. The womb is the master of manifestation! The body & the material world is meant to be divinely imbued by this feminine soulful power. ( moon lodge work helps us to maintain this responsibility)

A man connects to his soul mostly through loving connection to women, or through devotional practices to Gaia/Dea (via navel gazing practice) 3000 yrs of patriarchy has disconnected men from their soulfulness. (feeling, emotion, karmic etc.) Marion Woodman suggests that men who are not in relationship to a Goddess (rather DEA) have no choice but to project their soul needs  on to a woman. A woman cannot(should not) carry this & her failure to, can cause a feeling of loss in men & is part of the reason for the global violence toward women.

From what I have gleaned over the years, the Green Man (or Horned God) comes from a time (pre patriarchy) when men had a healthier relationship towards women & the virtues of the feminine principal ,& held it as sacred. He was seen as a messenger of Nature in the Celtic world. Free from the pressures of the patriarch he grew in sensitivity & balance & was in service to the life source- Mother Nature. Briefly, he was also a symbol for  seasonal regeneration & change, so also a God of Death, hence his mistaken identity as a devil, in traditions that fear death.