The Red Tent

Lonsdale Chapter (Marysville, Ontario)

Also called the Dark Lodge or Moon Lodge…an ancient global practice

 Feminine Retreat Women's Murals | Red Tent Wyldwood Sojourn

See the; Red Tent Movement (founded in 2008 by Alisa Starkweather)

There are many such new moon gatherings for women; blossoming all over the world as we begin to re-member what has been dis-membered…to begin to see the world through the female lens!

Our little lodge (a Mongolian yurt) has been afloat since 2009. Coming & going in waves of between 3 & 10 women. I wish to share the studies I have pursued of newly surfaced wisdoms, of the inner feminine world. There is so much information coming to me that I have decided to begin to present this as a study group for women who are ready to delve deep.

Each leader of a Red Tent may take it in any direction they wish as long as it is not connected to any religion. It may simply be a woman’s’ circle to share & drum & relax.

There is one aspect that is universal. From the new moon to the full moon is the most potent time to gather in good energies. To call down the moon , as they say .Therefore the Moon Lodge is a place of creating joy & abundance. As women, we are masters of manifestation.

The Moon Lodge is the opposite to the Sweat Lodge and holds the necessary balance. The sweat lodge is for releasing issues & is held from the full moon to the new moon. The moon lodge is for gathering visions.

Lots more to share . Feel free to share with me!

Maureen  of Wyldwood Sojourn