Wyldwood Sojourn


Over view of

‘Towards Freedom’

 exploring Womb technologies and Goddess history

 Tara Greene & Maureen Walton 

August 30 to Sept 1st 2020

This retreat was planned to give an overview of the technology of the creation process within women and an overview of the ancient goddesses who cary these secrets of the womb mysteries.

   We also honoured the Peacemaker women of the  Iroquois confederacy who were were well aware of these sacred processes and worked them to bring forward the movement of Peace here on Tyendinaga a 1000 years or so ago.

We were blessed with rains that filled the creek and supported our releasing and gathering ceremonies. 

We created altars to sum up our experiences.

Participants came as far as Quebec and London On.

We were served vegan cuisine by Chef Chris of PEC

The yurts provided a dark nurturing space to work in.

We studied the Andean practice of joining heart and womb and we also received it in a guided meditation in the darkness of the tiny Dark Moon Lodge.

We learned that this is one of the practices used by our grandmothers to  self conceive avatars worldwide and to self conceive themselves as an avatar.

Goddesses of mythology were carriers of this wisdom.

on all continents.

Here is pictured Kahetosuk and her son Takonawita of the Iroquois Peacemaker group.


Ania’s baby Luzia  was a welcome guest. Here she lounges on the Womb pillow.

more beautiful altars created.

Tara and Maureen are open to follow up with any questions about this work, feel free to contact us.


We look forward to creating a series of retreats focused on studying in detail each aspect we offered in this weekend overview. Let us know your area of interest within the material we covered.

Thank you so much to the women who attended. We are grateful for your engagement in this work that we offered you!

We hope you will stay connected to Tara and I. 


Next year we will begin to develop a course that will include zoom meet ups, an online study program, followed by an inperson retreat.
We are dreaming of designing a trip to Sardinia to visit a temple of feminine rites that is little known. It includes 5 chambers carved into a solid domed rack.  


Overview of

“Cauldron of Life Retreat”

with Karen Homes MrEd.

Nov 15,16,17 2019

Karen led this full and engaging weekend expertly, bringing us deep insights into the power of our inner technologies, through circle dance, engaging in nature and with teachings of the vertical and horizontal energies that are present in the earth, the cosmos and within our own bodies.

We bundled up to refresh and engage with nature.

The waterfalls were ever present.

The gourmet vegan cuisine created by Chef Chris were special and nourishing and a real highlight! 

Grateful to the 10 women who gathered

and worked so closely together to form

such a trusting Cauldron of Life.



Bi-Annual Magic Womb Council

November 18-19, 2019

This is a closed circle of women, with professional and committed backgrounds in different streams of feminine esoteric studies, who are meeting two times a year to support each others research and projects . 

We are a group of 8. We will look at including new comers in a years time.

next gathering is May 22,23 , 2020.

Tara Greene, Karen Holmes, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Amejo Amyot, Darlene Dove, Helen Patton, Wendalyn Bartley, Maureen Walton.

I am so grateful to the women who accepted my invitation to form this council. 


An overview of our

Womb Wisdom Gathering

June 28 to June 30 2019

Tara and I were delighted to  meet with these 12 inspiring women

and offer them a full weekend of nature connection, art projects, ceremonies and midnight rituals

all designed to help us connect to the deep well of power within our wombs.

As promised we enacted a ritual of the 4 stages of Creation at 3:30am until sunrise at 5am.

Each woman created a forest altar that was a part of the midnight ritual and the mesa pouch project.

In procession we paid tribute to each one the next day.

We all hand sewed over the course of the weekend a 3 pocket mesa pouch.

Much reflection was needed to decide which stone best suited which pocket

Tara shared an in depth look at the Goddess Lilith and gave examples

examples of how to turn our language right-side up again so that it reflects the world through the feminine lens .

She created  individual astrological charts for each woman present.

 Maureen shared the teachings of the Inca Luminous Structure

(a meditation to join and balance heart and womb)

as well as the introduction to the existence of a long lost Holy Womb Chakra rediscovered 15 years ago in India.

We proposed that these meditations, are examples of real practices that were used for self conceiving, in ancient times,

We gave examples of virgin birth mothers around the world, as well as in contemporary times.

We explained how these practices can be used by all of us on all levels

to enhance our abilities to create, creations of miraculous beauty, longevity and life.

Our first ritual was to release unhappy energy from any nagging troubles

into the fast flowing but shallow Gosippi River. It was a joyous cleansing experience.

…after a 15 min. walk through tall grasses and a thick woods .

Always healthy and fulfilling was the elegant cuisine served by Chef Chris of PEC

our altar gathered many beautiful pieces of art to be imbued with the energy of the group.

The Dark Lodge was enjoyed each night as a place of quiet inner reflection.

Here Maureen shared the Mohawk creation story and offered the luminus structure meditation.

The second night Wendalyn led us in toning and sounding.

The mouth and throat being a womb connection and another way to gather in sacred energies.

The Moon Lodge is a completely dark space with no light at all.

A place were one can loose all reference and feel the presence of the Void… source of all life.

 We were moved by the women’s in depth sharing and their eagerness to complete the handwork.

We were glad of the openness they showed towards the provocative topics Tara and Maureen raised.

Thank you all for coming to Wyldwood and engaging with us!

We will never forget you!

We hope you will share how your mesa pouch evolves. Please contact us if you need assistance.


Gathering Womb Wisdom

on our Priestess Path.

with Tara Greene Astrologer and Maureen Walton Artist.

April  27, 28, 29, 2018

We created in depth ceremonies with the abundant waterfalls!

We began our event with releasing rituals  

and shifted to gathering rituals the following day, all at the foot of the waterfall.

This was combined with engaging in the Inca meditations in the Cosmic Lodge, and choosing an arcana card to move into dream time with.

There was a lot of opportunity to discuss our astrology charts.

We shared dreams and insights of the past evening and nighttime 

Our intentions were to release some womb wounding for ourselves and on behalf of others.

After lunch we met again at the foot of the waterfall facing upstream.

We shifted our intentions to gather from this pure refreshing source, empowering ourselves and all.

We found safety and nurturing warmth of the tiny New Moon lodge, 

where we honoured the Dark of the Womb and

listened for messages from Gaia and Cosmic Mother..Meditating with eyes open.

The inner and outer darkness became one.

Spending some solo time in the woods, we created earth altars of gratitude.

Later we inscribed our personal manifesting symbols on sheets of soft pure copper.

In these ways we embedded our newly enriched soulful selves into the elements

and received from them in return.

The vegan cuisine by Chef Chris of PEC was truly a delicious

and nutritious support for our intense work.

Thank you to the  women present who 

committed to this work for the good of all.

Gratitude to Tara Greene for her in-depth interpretations of the skies and for introducing us to the powers of the myriad of Goddesses, who influence us each day.



The Hibernian Mysteries


with Karen Homes

Karen offered a series of three 24 hour retreats this spring. small groups of between 6 and 8 attended. Because of a privacy request we have not shown all participants engaged in ceremony here.


April 30,2017



An in-depth rediscovery of the inner, spiritual technologies of the body through deep union with the land, an indigenous world-view, and a new understanding of the concept of sacrament. These lost technologies include the act of conscious birthing in both substance and consciousness. The Hibernian Cauldron of Life is discussed and experienced.


1. Foster Mothering : Womb Spirituality of the PeaceMakers

A comparison between an Irish Priestess and an Iroquois Medicine Woman.The Hibernian tradition of educating the young child and youth in nature’s mysteries.

March 2017


Ita the Druid Priestess of Ireland with her prodigies.


     Jagosawseh and her prodigy Dagonawida in Ontario.


 The Hibernian Mysteries: Creating Out Of Duality

June 17 and 18, 2017


Thank you so much for your attendance at last weekend’s retreat. I have been processing much since our gathering; and have been working with many images in dreams. I encourage you to keep track of these, or, at least, make note of their visitations, inviting them into your limbs. (Retaining the content of these visions will I predict, be quite difficult).


The emanations of TAO will arise in the unconscious as this is where the images that contain the earth-forces are currently ‘stored’.

 The stories of Sedna and the Arctic (which Maureen knows very well)  form the soul-centre of the work.

Thanks to all for your soul-ful participation. Much knowledge/wisdom was surfaced through community and collaboration.


August 2017


 Reclaiming our Holy Womb Power.

at Wyldwood Sojourn Marysville Ontario  


our guest was 

Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso from California.


We welcomed and honoured the Huron Peacemakers of Tyendinaga, the Virgin Birth Mother Kahetosuk, her son Dagonawida, his foster mother Jagosawseh and his orator Heyawatha. The reason we honoured them is because Wyldwood is situated on the land were they lived 1000 years ago.


Amber Walton Amar shared improvised cello accompaniment for our opening and the meditation that followed.


Marguerite shared her research of the seven mothers of creation and revealed much new information, some of which connected those mothers as partners of the 7 male Rishis that Swami Kaleshwar named as the source of the Holy Womb Chakra wisdom. Possibly another puzzle piece found, connecting the 2 stories.

We descended to the cosmic yurt and connected to our wombs to release any negative energy still held there by various lovers. We did this by meditation and envisioning and writing a list on paper.


Blair built a bon fire to last into the evening. We burned our lists in the fire while others drummed.

Journeying to the river, we released further by submerging and facing down stream, then finally, ready to gather in divine energies, we faced up steam. The strong current supported our abilities to gather pure energies.


We ascended the hill to the meadow between the yurts to create a womb image in clay. Beautiful pieces were developed and as the rain came quickly most were dissolved during dinner -back into a little pool of mud!Next time I will bring them inside. However this too was as it should be. They transitioned back to nature!


Maureen led the dark lodge evening expressing the need to return to spending time awake in the dark, as it was before electricity. The darkness is were we restore all the clairs to fullness. The dark of the womb! Light comes and goes but darkness stays. We sat in the dark in silence with eyes open!… feeling the strong intensity, passing oils and sweet peppery jelly to taste and smell. Maureen offered the Inca meditation in the dark called the luminus structure.


In the morning Karen and Maureen demonstrated the use of the meteorites to increase the gathering or releasing effects of the Luminous Structure.We returned to the ceremony room and Maureen offered her PP on various clues bringing us closer to the reality of the Blood Mastery technologies once practiced.


In the afternoon Marguerite  introduced us to Swami Kaleshwar’s news of the discovery of an 8th major chakra. A portal for Soul energy & more, to enrich and bring balance to the womb. This will allow women to bring forth more powerful and pure creations into the world.

We formed a circle to close the wknd

Thunderstorms, sun, wind and rain surrounded us and aided us in our cleansing and awakening our connection to the sacred water element in our wombs. Undines were everywhere!


Key messages offered;

Calling in Soul energy to deepen our creations

Seeding divine beings through holy womb power

Learning our history and earths history through the feminine lens.

Purification of the womb as the essential first step to healing…restoring virginity

Need for purified & Dark spaces to source in.-womb temples, moon lodges

Recovery of lost feminine practices ….blood masteries etc.

The need to engage in handwork and art forms with natural materials to better ensoul our world.

Normalizing the virgin birth practice & studying inner feminine technology

Normalizing womens’ practices of sitting in sacred circle, regularly as essential.

Changing the language around the dark. Remembering it as the divine inner feminine source of life. The place of creation. TheVoid.


Healthy balanced food prepared as a sacred offering to empower our work. (full of vegetarian protein combinations and other nutrients.-designed first for health second for flavour)


Marguerite and I thank you for joining us. We loved the passion and knowledge and wisdom you shared with us.
We look forward to continuing in this important journey with you,at Wyldwood to reclaim our feminine spiritual gifts of the Womb.


a quiet hideaway


Maureen with her house mural Goddess!


July 2016

Gathering Cosmic & Earth Wisdom into our Wombs

                                   Friday 5pm July 1 – Sunday 5pm July 3, 2016

 Here is a brief overview of our wonderful gathering here at Wyldwood Sojourn.

In gratitude to the 16 women who  travelled from many places to join us. The eager enthusiasm to absorb the mysteries and magic we conjured up and carried through the weekend and  beyond, was felt by all!

 We immersed in the elements and engaged with them through sculpture, dance, song and drumming, ensouling ourselves in the process.


We remembered our foremothers with greatly developed womb power, Kaheliokaha, her daughter Kahetosuk and Jagosahseh, the Mother of Nations. Three of the Huron Peacemakers who together with Hiawatha and Dagonawida developed the Great Law of Peace, that is one of the greatest the world has known, right here in Tyendinaga.


We deepened into the Woman’s blood masteries through the womb teachings of the Inca as led by Maureen.


She offered us an ancient meditation called the Luminous Structure that carries the potential to connect us once more to our profoundly creative soulful wombs. This strengthens our ability to pull in only pure source, divine mother energy . We propose this method as one used by the Peacemaker mothers to self concieve.


Weaving it all together with Marguerite we learned about the connection between the womb, the esoteric tantric practice of Divine Birth & woman’s oracular abilities as seen in the famous Oracle of Dodona in ancient Greece,were the priestesses channeled – yes – the Pleiades! 

As a touching surprise we heard in circle, the remarkable story of one of our sisters whose womb journey we will follow with loving care.


At the mysterious lake, high above sea level, Dianne shared with us the Thanksgiving Address, well known to the Mohawks.


Through ritual in the sacred Tyendinaga Caves, we expanded the energetics of our own wombs.

Sitting in the profound Darkness we felt the great presence of the Womb Nature of both our Cosmic Mother and her daughter the Earth Mother. We re-membered the power of the Comic Womb, the Wirrachoucha…Creator of all that is.

In the darkness of the cave and after our quiet meditations, we were moved to celebrate and spontaneously sang sounds, drummed and danced. One candle was lit and the shadows that sprang up seemed those of our ancestors, delighted to be remembered.

Thank you everyone for your deeply moving and soulful presence. May you carry home the delicious new feelings and stirrings that fill your wombs,  and spread that empowering creative vibration with all whom you meet!


We hope you will continue to journey with us as the great undercurrent of this work carries us all along,worldwide. Lets keep in touch and share our  new understandings in future gatherings.

Your beautiful woodsy earth altars still lay hidden but vibrant, in tiny corners of the Wyldwood gardens!

We are already planning the direction of next years retreat with Marguerite at Wyldwood and we are dreaming to create a gathering with Emmanuelle in Mexico.


There will be a winter retreat with Maureen to celebrate the Darkness as Divine and as the ‘time of gestation’ during the earth’s in breathe. There will be lots of storytelling  in the tiny moon lodge and more to be dreamt of, to happen in the cosmic lodge.

Roula Said will continue to offer Womb Dance and Ela Beilski, Kundalini classes. We also plan to invite Den Poitras, author of a book about woman’s ability to self conceive. We will give lots of detail on these retreats soon. Please watch the schedule on this web site.




Marguerite Rigoglioso Ph.D is the founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School. She is a scholar/practitioner of the ancient mediteranian mystery school traditions, author teacher channeler and clairvoyant guide who mentors men and women to help them cultivate their spirtual knowledge and bring their sacred knowledge to fruition. Marguerite’s pioneering books, The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece and Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity, explore woman’s shamanic abilities in a revolutionary new light. She is excited to be enrolling her new six- month programme Priestess of the Dove Training, reclaiming your self as an Sacred Oracle, designed for women who want to cultivate themselves as channelers of Divine Feminine Wisdom.

To learn more about Marguerite and get a taste of her offerings through Seven Sisters Mystery School, visit here http://www.SevenSistersMysterySchool.com

Priestess of the Dove Training,visit here http://www.sevensistersmysteryschool.com/prietess-of-the-dove-2016




 Situated in 2 wooded acres Wyldwood offers overnight accommodation in a communal sleeping arrangement in an authentic Mongolian yurt, or in your own tent. Alkaline well water and ‘bird baths’ available. All meals included  Maureen Walton at mwm@kos.net



 Your host Maureen Walton

Maureen designed this passive solar home in 1980. She bought the two wooded acres in Lonsdale in 1977 after traveling and working for 7 years in Europe, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia & Nunavut. These travels sparked her awareness of the Shamanic world and fed her visual art making process. Maureen’s professional work has always been in the arts, as a painter  animator, illustrator and designer.  Her current profession is as a muralist for schools and businesses.

 Maureen has always been a feminist and her dream to dedicate herself to uncovering lost Spiritual Feminine traditions, came true when she met and became a student of Cindy Lindsay in 2009, who lived and studied with the Qero, Inca shaman for 10 years. Soon after she began to host a Red Tent, inspired by Alisa Starkweather. This grew into weekend retreats, were she began to teach the Inca Shamanic womb tradition and invite other teachers, who were uncovering suppressed feminine spiritual paths, such as Marguerite Rigoglioso.

Maureen’s wooded hideaway began to grow into a ‘School of Womb Wisdom’. It is a safe sanctuary for women to meditate, honour their gifts as creators and reclaim the amazing sacred nature of their wombs (or energetic of). She looks forward to opening these teachings to men at the appropriate time.

Her mother Eileen O’Brien chose the name Wyldwood Sojourn. Her father Ken Walton introduced her, as a child to the sacredness of the four elements.

      Our Retreat  with Marguerite….


 As women entering the new era many are passionate to learn  indigenous teachings from around the world that hold the lost and hidden wisdom of Womans’ Womb traditions. In this weekend we introduced treasures from the Haudenosaunee the Inca and the Greek.


Feminine Retreat Women's Murals | Red Tent Wyldwood Sojourn

Women’s source of Creation power comes from the alchemical processes in her sacred blood of life within her womb. The womb is the most Sacred place in a woman’s body. It is the only portal for blessings to reach the planet. 

 Through understanding these mysteries we can begin to develop and increase our own womb power for creating beauty into the  world daily.

 Gratitude! Maureen


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