Welcome to the Spirit of Maureen Walton

Maureen Walton is a muralist in the Toronto area who paints colorful and expressive murals.She has painted murals for schools, businesses, museums, senior homes and children’s rooms.As an artist for hire, Maureen blends her experience of painting and teaching to create beautiful, customized murals that display a unique story.Specializing in school murals for over 14 years, Maureen has been displaying her work in Toronto, Hastings County,and with the Algonquin Catholic school board.Her healing and uplifting murals are a visual story co – created with you.Whether you’re interested in a mural for a private home or for a larger community space, the work created by Maureen Walton Murals will distinguish any room or outside space.Peruse the site to see examples of the murals Maureen has painted, and feel free to contact her at 1-613-396-3262 with any questions or inquiries.Maureen can help you put your ideas and visions into a stunning art form.Click here to learn more about my murals. The mission of this retreat centre is to be an active agent in uncovering and re-empowering, lost feminine, spiritual and soulful traditions the world over. These hidden teachings are not currently revealed or practiced in the 5 recognized world religions or in most of the indigenous traditions that survive.One version of a universal feminine path has been offered up to the western world by the Qero Indians of Peru who avoided contact until the 1960’s.  Thus it holds untouched original purity from pre-contact.As an ancient Shamanic practice of the Blood Masteries, it was not easily understandable to western women, until Cindy Lindsay PHD. of Ca., (who lived and worked closely with them for 10 years)  compiled a body of work that expressed the hidden wisdom clearly.

Maureen began studying with Cindy in 2009 and hosted her at Wyldwood  Sojourn in 2010.  Since 2013 Maureen has been honoured, to teach her version of this Qero tradition, with the integrity in which it was brought to her.

As an artist Maureen lets her students truly embody the teachings with the support of interactive ceremonial art projects in nature, as well as providing, an authentic Moon Lodge sanctuary, which is also, central for receiving this work.

For those who relate to a more active and hands on approach to meditation and learning, the environment of Wyldwood Sojourn is perfect.

Currently most women’s spiritual groups continue to study through the masculine lens, using the male traditions to aspire to. This practice does not restore the balance needed and continues to isolate women from their own true soulful and spiritual gifts, that only they carry.

Click here to learn the details of what these feminine gifts are, come to Wyldwood Sojourn!