Welcome to Wyldwood Sojourn

A  Womb Wisdom Centre in Maureen’s studio home and two wooded acres. An intimate setting for small groups of women to gather and study in private. Nestled in the trees is a Dark Lodge dedicated as a purified meditation space for woman to reconnect to their inner technologies and sacred creation geometry. These are Ensouling practices.

The feminine creation principal in men and women, holds deep soulfulness and has been repressed and demonized for 7000 years in many parts of the world ( only between 500 and 100 years in the Americas). We feel a new level of disconnecting us from our soulfulness and inner creative abilities, has been introduced in 2020- 21 with the flu and inoculation plan.
It is urgent that we women with wombs, step up and reclaim our power and thus restore balance. The womb itself is the home of divine Cosmic Soul and is the only portal for such energies to reach the planet and be stored there. Women carry 10 x more Soul than men. This is the key ingredient to create new life in all ways. Women therefore create more than babies in their wombs… we create from that place daily.
Woman with developed womb power have the ability to gather and anchor depth of wisdom and feeling into all life around them. The source of this comes directly from the Cosmic Soul that some call Sophia, others in the Americas call the Wirrachoucha.
Women ready to learn how to develop their latent Inner womb power, will reach enlightenment with practice. It is not possible for women to reach enlightenment via the male traditions. In fact the masculine light and ascension traditions take women out of our power and weakens  us.
Our divine empowerment comes from engaging the Dark and Descending traditions. You may immediately sense in hearing this, how we have been programmed that these words are tied to nastiness…but the Dark is the dark of the womb, where all life begins and the descending activation is how we deepen and strengthen resolve, in all we do…as just two examples.
As we will discuss, our inner action compliments the male path which is the outer world of structuring and finishing and carries the spirit. We are potentially a perfect complimenting team that have sadly been turned against each other by outer destructive forces.
The men have been the victims of these forces also. You may call these greedy forces the cabal or the deep state but whatever, they  have ‘fed off us’ both men and women, for too long!
We need simply to turn inward and anchor in to our deep sacred Soul nature.
This Qero meditation practice of ensouling is also linked to the lost arts of parthenogenesis, which we will also discuss.
Join us here at Wyldwood as we work to reclaim lost feminine traditions, thus bringing ourselves to enlightenment as well as ensouling our families and friends and all that is touched by us.
The sacred geometry symbol above is a schematic of the heart to Womb meditation from the Andes. It is the foundation of our exploration and is the visual of the recorded meditation below.




We honor the virgin birth mothers of the Iroquois Peacemakers and the Great Law of Peace on whose land W.S. is located.


Maureen’s hand drawn elevation and plan view of her 2 wooded acres called Wyldwood Sojourn.

Below is our tiny Dark Lodge dedicated as a pure temple space for women.

Welcome to our growing series of Round Table discussions designed to help us reclaim the hidden soulful and spiritual wisdom of the once common “womb technologies”

Vast collections of feminine wisdom teachings are embedded in all cultures and have been oppressed and hidden for just a few hundred years here on Turtle island and for 7000 years in Europe, the middle east and more.

 It is significant that we are beginning to source and de code the meanings we find around us in art, myth, song and dream, to reveal real practices that are meant to be activated and worked with, in harmony with the existing male spiritual traditions we know.

In this series we begin with discussing deprogramming some words and concepts in our language, that turn  meanings upside down!  We discus other background stories to set the scene, before jumping into actual meditations and specific womb practices.

We start with remembering the Darkness as ‘dark of the womb’. 

We also clarify the meaning of matriarch, a much misunderstood way of life.

We share these Round Table Talks with visitors to this site and encourage women to use these teachings to learn how to connect their wombs and hearts to deepen their soulfulness and wisdom. In other words these practices are womens unique path to enlightenment. Women cannot achieve this state via the male traditions

Thank you to my Womb Wise women friends who partnered with me in these videos, to form this sacred circle.

Tara Greene, Karen Holmes, Helen Patton, Michelle White Hart and  guests Marcine Quenser, Emmanuelle Vandendrieche and Bonnie Hazen.


Dear visitors. this audio is a recently evolved version of the Heart to Womb Meditation from the Andes. It was created in August 2021. It is an introduction to this important system and aids us to connect in more deeply with Cosmic Soul and more.


contact Maureen- gosippiriver@gmail.com 





A Guided Audio

of the Heart to Womb Andean Meditation. 

Natural Technologies of the Womb.


Told By Maureen Walton

accompanied by Cellist Amber Walton-Amar.


Offering a glimpse into the little known Feminine path. Sourced in the 1990s in Peru, by Cindy Lindsay( PHD) with more layers added from dreamtime & insights, by Maureen Walton (artist)

Including an introduction.



The Andean Heart to Womb Meditation

A woman’s practice to reach enlightenment.

This is a womb centred practice and compliments the existing male traditions.

 This ‘gathering’ meditation can only be effective with previous effort spent releasing personal and historic wounding that surrounds the Womb. 




    Create for yourself a private, comfortable,

  quiet, dark space that is clean and purified.

 A safe place to source in from new to full moon.




You may use meteorites or a grounding stone such as hematite, obsidian or loadstone to  increase the effect.   Befriend the elements and ask for their help!

Please contact me at no charge, for any further questions.




Purchase a copy of Inca Inspired Meditation in Mp3 format for $10 CAD

Listen before you buy!


Wyldwood Sojourn: meditative yurt retreat.

Pictures is our authentic Mongolian Yurt . a nurturing, wooly, womb like space . A perfect environment to hold ceremony.

         Credit to Jenny Lee who created this all single handedly! Thank you, Jenny!

Now with  Airbnb.ca 

  go to ‘Wyldwood Sojourn Meditative Yurt Retreat’ in Marysville Ontario,

to book your adventure in our magical yurt.

…a cosy winter dwelling in the ’round’

with firewood, an outhouse and good well water provided.

-$60 per night. max 3 guests. BYO sleeping bag. extra blankets available.



 In the village of Lonsdale, 5 minutes north of Marysville, Ontario. 2118 Melrose Rd.

2 1/2 hours east of Toronto and 1 1/2 hours west of the Ivy Lee Bridge to New York. on the north shore of lake Ontario. 


Honouring the hardy Mongolian Yak whose wool keeps the yurts warm in winter and cool in summer.




Maureen has worked in many fields of the commercial and fine arts but spent the last 20 years as a professional mural artist focusing on creating in schools both elementary and college levels. She travelled from her Marysville studio home to paint, from Kingston to Toronto and north to Bancroft.  Due to an arm and back injury, Maureen is now, in 2020, putting Murals in second place to her retreat work. The focus of this website will now begin to shift to that, but her mural gallery will remain as a legacy of her career as a mural artist. Since 2010 Maureen began to use her artistic skills to draft diagrams, yantras and illustrations of the inspirational messages that come to her of the feminine creation technologies  This began in 2008 with her introduction to the Inca Luminous Structure Meditation Yantra. She is also called to express the path and work of the leading women in the Iroquois Peacemaker story.

 Click here to learn more about Maureen’s murals.