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What is Wyldwood Sojourn?

... a small 2 acre Sanctuary in Tyendinaga Township on the north shore of lake ontario, holding physical space to anchor the recovery of womans' unique path to reach a superconscious level, via the pre contact "womb to heart" technologies sourced from the Qero Nation of the Andes.

We host monthly Dark Lodge evening ceremonies and an annual in person retreat to share current events.

On this web site we offer videos, audios and a blog pg to keep you updated on new understandings of the natural inner womb technologies. We are rediscovering them globally, hidden in art forms and in all traditions whether shamanic scientific religious or historical.  We welcome your interaction and feedback.

This site offers spiritual disclosure information and so it feels inappropriate to charge money in return for wisdom shared however we accept donations or in person help to maintain our centre.

Sales of my Book the good darkness will continue to be available through this web site.

The Mission of Wyldwood Sojourn


The presence of destructive A.I. technologies, the increasing number of 5G towers, together with the spraying of chem trails and all the other polluting factors negatively effect the beautiful etheric energies within the mighty toroidal fields that flow over the earth.

They threaten our wombs' natural abilities 'to consciously import direct source, those cosmic soul energies flowing within the ethers, that anchor our great inner strength and bring us to a superconscious level fast track. These horizontal torus energies of the earths torus, actually keep us connected to Source via the womb and its blood. We are as women, just like a compass , our own magnetic horizontal torus aligning with the magnetic meridians of the earth! 

We know our soul nature was much stronger a few hundred years ago when these womb to heart technologies were known and worked. Now we see the quality of workmanship in all we create men or women, deteriorate and our patience and commitment to complete projects weaken through this lack.

This once global "womb to heart body technology" teaches woman to consciously import great quantities of cosmic soul power, free of karma! obviously this effects the children born from such aware women. thus the men are significantly effected.

All this cosmic inner strength, flows with great momentum. from the toroidal forces that surround the earth and the sun,

These skills were known and honoured until only a few hundred years ago in many places. The actual work deals with learning the Blood Masteries. They are the pre-contact womb technologies that support the blossoming of the New Earth.

More levels continue to come to us as we seek and we are now beginning to weave in aspects of the brain to support this system..


Wyldwood is  a resource centre and safe zone where you may feel free to share what may be unpopular in the mainstream world..

Even great nuns, yoginis and female shaman have not been able to break the silence held over the global female traditions of the womb. Only its revival can restore planetary wholeness.  A few male shaman today are asking for the right women who "see" to step up and restore the lost feminine power for the sake of humanity. A few of the Qero male shaman of Peru have recently said "we have lost our female traditions, we are waiting for female teachers to come to us and restore them."


Peacemaker Monument 

Our ceremonial Dark Lodge space and the bronze plaque I later installed, dedicated to the Haudenosaunee Virgin Birth Mothers, are important anchors for this system to remain intact in this landscape into the future. 


Brief Outline of the Peacemaker Story

Wyldwood Sojourn is situated on the Lands of the Huron Virgin Birth Mothers of the Haudenosaunee Peacemakers, who brought us their mission of Peace 1000 years ago.

This monument dedicated to their parthenogenetic abilities. It is they who rigorously practiced these "womb to heart" systems in order to bring themselves to a enlightened level and to then be ready to self conceive an evolved soul .

The boy grew and together the 3 developed a complex system of "good governance".  They were joined by an other enlightened teacher Jigonsaseh and also by the orator Hiawatha.  All 5 worked to spread the word throughout all of the eastern woodlands and the great lakes area of Ontario and New York until the 1700's.

It is called the Great Law of Peace. We open our ceremonies with a dedication to Kahetosuk and her mother Kaheliokaha.

We feel It is because of their imprint in the land that we can source the lost global "womb to heart "natural technologies.


So recently, the indigenous women of the americas were practicing the womb arts we offer here!  It still lives in the landscapes of Turtle Isand, just below the surface. It was alive and recognized here only 300 years ago!

It was a global system practiced consciously by highly trained practitioners world over during egalitarian times.


The womb technologies in South America

In Peru the precontact Qero shamanic women, kept this female system alive until the 1940’s, high in their secluded Andean mountain abode. This is the second direct source of inspiration that W.S. holds and this system offered on this web site is inspired directly by them.  The Qero grandmothers until only 80 years ago knew and held these disclosure Blood Mastery technologies.
They are key traditions that allow us to reclaim our former sovereign state.

Our Future

I know the first step of these Blood Masteries to reach an enlightened level, will inspire women NOW to take immediate action and so naturally pass it on to the next generations of women - thereby restoring humanity to its fully ensouled natural state once more..

The second level of this practice is  parthenogenesis and is only for the initiates They are to be practiced within a supporting community for the safety of all.

May this Dark Lodge ceremonial space and the presence of this monument at Wyldwood Sojourn, call up and anchor the memory of this practice and allow it to blossom once more..

We held the Elixir of our womb blood  within and thus developed great inner strength, clairvoyant skills and soulful wisdom. We did not lose it each month!

I believe that the redirection technologies of this ‘womb to heart’ system will be a big part of overcoming the current tyranny being inflicted on us.

The Stone Canoe

The significance of the “stone canoe” in the Peacemaker story, which was built by the virgin born son, is that it is seems to be a free  energy healing device built with the magnetic and crystalline minerals of the granite, found here in the canadian shield.

This stone boat Dagonawida made uses the same principles that his mothers used to magnetize the cosmic energies into their womb space in order to self conceive.

This is the significance of the ‘stone boat’, These were magnetic healing chambers as are the dolmens and standing stones found worldwide and even the great pyramids.

These free energy technologies are being developed today but the source is not yet attributed to the Feminine womb to heart technology. Probably because they are made for commercial use and not to awaken us.

The  magnetic principle as feminine and soulful is often omitted from the current dominator system.

Some of Tesla's work and other contemporary free energy devices, that were common only a 100 years ago globally, seemed to be developed for material conveniences, however there is the huge exception of Tartaria 100 years prior, that brought everyone to optimum health via the incorporation of harmonics, sacred geometry and other forms of free energy, into the architecture of cities globally.

Happily a local free thinker and creative artist has built a magnetic and granite "healing chamber" not far from Wyldwood Sojourn, blending both the scientific and the soulful/ spiritual aspects together. No doubt he is inspired by the energy here on  Peacemaker land.

We welcome Greg Dwyer from granite country, in  Ontario to this community.

About Donations

This suppressed, hidden wisdom is essential to disclose for the good of all and so we do not feel it is appropriate to charge money to share it as it belong to us all globally..

We trust whoever finds this site will treasure this wisdom offered and take action to begin the practice immediately!

Donations to teachers and to maintain Wyldwood Sojourn and its ceremonial yurts are gratefully received. Other costs are reprinting books and related materials.

An annual 4 day summer glamping retreat will be held at Wyldwood Sojourn so we can all meet in person. This will require a fee.

Vegan meals will be provided. Max 10 guests per retreat.