The Good Darkness

Explore the other purpose of the sacred womb


Maureen Walton

 Maureen is a visual artist and draftswoman.

She recently also became an author, after re discovering a hidden female creation technology that, once activated from within, brings a woman quickly to a superconscious level.

It came to her awareness over a 16 year search and through many synchronicities and through her art practices.

This once well known, womb to heart technology, shows us how to redirect our precious womb elixir to our hearts. Reproduction is the womb's secondary purpose, according to shamanic wisdom.

The recent loss of our wombs elixir weakens us. We can no longer hold the inner strength and will. nor receive the Cosmic wisdom as we did when this knowledge was known and honoured, until only a few hundred years ago 

 She and her Round Table study group found the system buried in other parts of the world coded in art forms.

Maureen’s book The Good Darkness is a working manual sharing the actual technology of activating our magnetic toroidal systems within.

  We call this practice "The Blood Masteries” It was honoured and accepted globally by women and men until quite recently in a few remote places.

Maureen has now a small committed community of seekers and we welcome you to join us if you feel called.

She hosts, at no cost, zoom classes and an annual five day retreat at her centre Wyldwood Sojourn. This is timely work.

Women's wombs hold Cosmic source inspiration This once well anchored system has been brutally severed from our consciousness.


2024 Kickstarter Campaign for the 2nd Edition of The Good Darkness Manual

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I'm proud to announce my Kickstarter campaign: "The Good Darkness - The Blood Masteries” a global system sourced in part from the Andes. This is the second edition of The Good Darkness manual. An audio version will also be offered, accompanied by the mediation practice. I'm also aiming to have the book translated into Spanish. This work unveils the lost female traditions which were originally designed to complement the known male traditions. It is a womb activation system. This transformative work, discovered through 16 years of dedicated exploration, teaches women to harvest cosmic wisdom, via the tori systems and the womb. This practice brings a woman quickly to an awakened state, full of inner strength, compassion and telepathic abilities. Little did we know the womb had a second purpose. This is for serious seekers prepared to let go of social programming. Support the campaign and receive the revised 'The Good Darkness' book, as an ebook, an audio book, or a hard copy, alongside other reward combinations including a Zoom session with the author. Limited spots are available for an on-site retreat, to delve deeper into this ancient womb to heart technology. Thanks to everyone supporting this journey and championing the re-emergence of the second purpose of the Womb.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my Kickstarter campaign. I hit my goal and we're not ready to go to press!

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Dear Maureen,

Thank you for sharing your vision for Wyldwood Sojourn in the future.

It was the cosmic yurt on Airbnb that first drew me to WS, but when I came to stay for the first time I quickly realized how special of a place it was. The beauty of the land, the energy of safety, welcome, and solace for feminine seekers all drew me in further. Over the years, I have so enjoyed getting to know you, the land, and the lost feminine traditions you have worked so hard to bring back to life. Not only have I had the privilege of attending new moon meditations in the dark lodge, but also got to attend one of your women’s retreats where I learned about  astrology, matriarchy, and virgin births across various cultures and time. 


Allie Vandersanden



Your work on rediscovering and bringing back the missing piece of the Feminine womb-to-heart Qero Teachings is honestly a Nobel-Peace-Prize level work for humankind. It fosters the advancement of humankind as well as the healing and empowerment of both men and women. Your work is a very applicable practice that gives real hope and a very bright future for us all and this planet.

Wendy Orisun