Welcome to Wyldwood Sojourn

A  “Natural Womb Technology Centre” in Maureen’s studio home on two wooded acres. An intimate setting for small groups of women to gather and study in private. Nestled in the trees is a Dark Lodge, dedicated to reclaiming the global ‘Womb Blood Mastery’ traditions

The wombs of women, when re awakened and activated, attract Cosmic Soul power to earth and humanity according to the ancient Inca practices that Maureen has accessed. The following Meditation system and Manual are sourced from the Qero, Inca civilization and contains the womans unique method of reaching enlightenment and self conceiving parthenogeneticaly thus allowing many already enlightened souls to reach earth in one incarnation. Fast track! This forbidden wisdom has been repressed and demonized for many years globally.

It is urgent that we women with wombs, step up and reclaim these lost wisdom practices and thus restore balance. The womb itself is the only resting place for Cosmic Soul energies to reach the planet. Women carry 10 x more Cosmic Soul than men because of their sacred womb space. Women create more than babies in their wombs.

A new Manual offered:

Womb Wisdom: The Good Darkness

Announcing the launching of Maureen Walton Obrien’s book, disclosing the pre contact wisdom of womans’ arts of self-conceiving and of reaching enlightenment or superconsciousness.

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Important: misprint correction Pg 188- “All enlightened souls arrive via parthenogenesis, not by the masculine spiritual traditions of slowly advancing life to life through the wombs of unenlightened women fertilized with male sperm. (this sentence was somehow flipped into the opposite meaning)




We honor the Parthenogenetic mothers of the Haudenosaunee Peacemakers on whose land Wyldwood Sojourn is located.



Here is an overview;

 Feb 2023- the course will begin with 8 audio lessons to be followed by 8 zoom meetings, followed by a 3 day in person retreat at Maureen’s centre in tyendinaga township, in June. 



Below is a picture of our tiny Mongolian yurt that is our Sacred Dark Lodge.  Here we sit in total darkness to receive inspiration from the  Cosmic Soul  energies that we pull in from the horizontal Tori systems.


A Series of videos on the Mysteries of the Womb.

Welcome to our Round Table discussions designed to help us reclaim the hidden soulful and spiritual wisdom of the once common “womb technologies”

 It is significant that we are beginning to source the feminine mysteries and de code the meanings we find around us in art, myth, song and dream. It is unlikely you will find them in written text.

In this series we begin with deprogramming some words and concepts in our language, that turn  meanings upside down!  We discuss other background stories to set the scene, before jumping into actual meditations and specific womb practices.

We start with remembering the Darkness as ‘dark of the womb’. 

We share these Round Table Talks to encourage women and men to question the current paths to enlightenment offered. Women cannot achieve this state via the male traditionsThe male traditions are meant to compliment the female traditions. We can reach wholeness together. It cannot be accomplished by one dominating the other.

Thank you to my Womb Wise women friends who partnered with me in these videos, to form this sacred circle.

Tara Greene, Karen Holmes, Helen Patton, Michelle White Hart and  guests Marcine Quenser, Emmanuelle Vandendrieche and Bonnie Hazen.


contact Maureen- gosippiriver@gmail.com 


Wyldwood Sojourn: meditative yurt retreat.

Pictures is our authentic Mongolian Yurt . a nurturing, wooly, womb like space . A perfect environment to hold ceremony.

         Credit to Jenny Lee who created this all single handedly! Thank you, Jenny!


 In the village of Lonsdale, 5 minutes north of Marysville, Ontario. 2118 Melrose Rd.

2 1/2 hours east of Toronto and 1 1/2 hours west of the Ivy Lee Bridge to New York. on the north shore of lake Ontario. 


Honouring the hardy Mongolian Yak whose wool keeps the yurts warm in winter and cool in summer.




Maureen has worked in many fields of the commercial and fine arts but spent the last 15 years as a professional mural artist focusing on creating in schools both elementary and college levels. She travelled from her Marysville studio home to paint, from Kingston to Toronto and north to Bancroft.  She retired in 2017 to focus on retreat work and from 2020 to 2022 wrote her book the Good Darkness followed by an in-depth course of the same. Since 2010 Maureen began to use her skills to draft diagrams and illustrations as a way to realize the inspirational messages that came to her of the feminine womb to heart creation technologies  This began with her introduction to the Inca Luminous Structure Meditation.

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