Womb Technology Diagrams

A new diagram illustrated Sept 2023 to express the complete  system. Note the horizontal torus that has been omitted from other traditions and from our consciousness. It attracts in and carries the greater expansive energies from beyond the solar system. Via the earth and sun tori .It is larger than the vertical because of the magnetic forces of the womb and cosmos combined.
A new diagram illustrated Sept 2023 to express the complete system. Note the horizontal torus that has been omitted from other traditions and from our consciousness. It attracts in and carries the greater expansive energies from beyond the solar system. Via the earth and sun tori .It is larger than the vertical because of the magnetic forces of the womb and cosmos combined.

These are the diagrams Maureen designed to help you visualize the Torus to Womb to Heart system. This is a reference page to use when you are learning the meditation- which is posted as an audio and is available with the book in Pay Pal on the home page.  More images will be added as more levels are uncovered.


We now know that this inner womb to heart technology must be a global system. That understanding is being exposed in a few of our current findings.

I am so impressed with our Round Table team (who meet monthly on Zoom)  who sourced this medieval art piece of the Celtic Cross for one example.

I have recreated them in the drawings above. Only the last image survives and is known today.

The original is shown with downward pointing hands holding a heart over the "womb space" on the equilateral cross. We soon realized this represented parthenogenesis.

I then created the other diagrams to express the first two stages of the womb technology, that precede the third and final stage.

Number 1

The first expresses the heart and womb balance (spirit and soul)

Number 2

The second expresses the womb over heart in the upper portion. This represents the womb blood redirection practice, which we believe brings a woman to enlightenment

Number 3

The last stage, with the heart held over the womb, has survived through history and expresses how the woman divides her own egg. HIdden in plain view !

The fist two diagrams have been lost and hidden from us, until now!

I will continue to post here more historical  images as we find them that show more evidence of this Blood Mastery system globally.  Check our blog page in the Menu for details and more discoveries.

Stone Rings Audio

Mermaid Symbology Audio

Masculine Principles


  2. Finishing principal
  3. Electrical/release
  4. Control
  5. Logic
  6. Light
  7. Structure/order
  8. Outer strength
  9. Ascending/releasing
  10. Manifesting

Feminine Principles


  2. Source of life
  3. Magnetism/attraction
  4. Will
  5. Feeling (not emotion)
  6. Darkness
  7. Intuition/flow
  8. Inner strength
  9. Descending (gathering)
  10. Potential

The Qero (pre contact) womb to heart to torus technologies....a woman's path to enlightenment or superconsciousness

by Maureen Walton O'brien, 2022, Ontario.


The luminus structure system of the Qero heart to womb technology is a schematic of the function of the Womb.

It is how women import divine cosmic energy daily into the womb space and regulate it. 

Note in the illustration that the feminine cone of energy spirals downward to create into nature but its foundation (base) is anchored in the spiritual realm within the solar system.

It surrounds and protects the masculine heart and pushes the hearts love energy down to nourish the womb.

Note that the male cone of energy is spiraling upward to the spiritual yet its foundation is in the material, earthly realm.

Note that it surrounds and protects the feminine womb and lifts its cosmic wisdom to nourish the heart.

This channel of the individuals solar torus carries the chakra system.The chakras are personal qualities within the field of the masculine upright torus system.

The feminine cosmic energy, coming from outside of the solar system, is magnetically imported into the channel of the woman's  horizontal cosmic torus, that surrounds the individual. 

This Cosmic energy is the life source and is called the Wiracocha by the Andeans and  Sophia by others. It is the good Darkness, full of vibrant potential- Wisdom itself.

The woman imports these pure cosmic energies into her central diamond nexus by the activation of her personal horizontal torus channel. This special  etheric energy carries no karma or ancestral bloodline.




Lets begin to imagine the torus of the sun that pulls in the all powerful energies of outer space beyond the solar system.  They are transported to the earths torus via the solar winds.

The cosmic energies continue to hold their pristine nature as they are pulled through the sun and earths interiors. However they absorb some of the qualities of the sun and earth as they pass through those powerful toroidal forces.

Then the womans horizontal torus pulls in that cosmic brew, into her womb where it imbues and transforms the wombs blood to the same level of sacred purity and power of the Sophia principal.



Only after slow and careful gestating of these Sophia energies, can we consider redirecting them to the masculine heart ,to purge all karma and ancestral bloodline issues held within the hearts blood..

Only after the woman has anchored those watery cosmic Sophia energies deeply, is it safe to carefully bring them in contact with the masculine light and finishing energies of the heart, In this way combining the polar opposite complimenting energies of female and male– forming & finishing!

The woman can consciously redirect the cosmic soul essence of her womb to her heart, to reach superconsciousness, by engaging breathe and intent. The watery nature of the cosmic soul now inside the womb,  bubbles up in a looping fashion.

On meeting with the hearts blood a purging ensues!  All the negative karma held in the hearts blood is swept away allowing for the pure qualities of the heart blood to meet with the already pure womb blood.

This profound meeting of the complimenting opposites brings the woman to an enlightened state in that moment.

Thus she creates herself on a whole new expansive, clairvoyant and telepathic level. 

This process bonds back to one the polar opposite energies as in the Great Creation of the universe.


This feminine process is called 'Jappa creation” in Qero terms. This is a quantum creation bringing in something entirely new.It is a form of magic...creating something out of nothing!


The central diamond nexus forms because it is the central concentration point of all four energies of the vertical and the horizontal tori channels.It is where fire and water meet.

It is” O-point”  in scientific terms but in truth is fullness and a “beyond time” zone.  This womb to heart system can be moved at will so that the energy of the diamond nexus engages within the heart or within the womb as desired.

When she is ready to let her womb empower her,  she is best to be in a magnetic receiving  space -where no healing or release work has been practiced.   This process described above is a woman's unique path to achieve superconsciousness.


The masculine transcendence path to superconsciousness engages the opposite techniques and should a woman use the male methods only it will work against her coming to wholeness and enlightenment .It engages kundalini and fire energies.


The Qero male transcendence path to enlightenment is called Ranti.

It is when 2 similar things find resonance which allows for a third thing to pop out- such as an “attunement” or when two resonant tones create a “harmonic”.


Masculine religious practices of the last 2000 years or so, use the Ranti approach to enlightenment.

In this process we attempt to raise ourselves to a level of unconditional love, thus attuning to a divine vibration.


Both systems of Ranti and Jappa are good, however using only one approach causes great imbalance and weakness as we see in the upside down world of today. 



This is an abbreviated description. The full process is found in my book - The Good Darkness. www.maureenwalton.com

Listening to messages from Dreamtime: Sculptures

Key to the Womb Mysteries  Mixed media piece by Maureen 1999  The dreams that inspired this brought to me the first glimpses of the existence of some kind of vibrational organic technology. The horizontal spiralling  cones of wax and the central raku pot all rested on turning disks. Behind in 2D were the ascending and descending cones of energy .It felt like an altar to a  forgotten power. It was not until 8 years later that I found the Qero womb activation system.

Cosmic Mother Harmonies This 'interior space' sculpture was an attempt to understand the nature of the world behind the veils. the figure on the threshold is in the stark material light of day yet is able to listen and remain connected to that invisible world behind the light.

Woman Activating her Womb This clay figure was created from a model in a life drawing class. I later saw she was activating her horizontal energies with her arm position and of course her womb is very full. not necessarily with a physical child, but with fullness of creative power.

Will and Weight  Mixed media piece by Maureen Walton. 1994 This was the first in the series of inspirations that eventually led me to discover the Blood Masteries. The being emerging from another dimension is black as night and and flies in horizontally, passing over a heavy oval boulder that is reflected in a still pool.   It was suggested in dream that I use the giant beach pebble I had saved from a visit to Newfoundland.

A detail showing how the centre disk was created to spin. I was told this would begin the activation of the womb awakening process. Originally I placed a small artifact of a female deity broken in 3 pieces inside the raku bowl. Now in 2023 I removed her to express her renewed wholeness because the once dormant functions of the womb are now being recovered and passed to the next generation to activate.

White grid box This sculpture from 1997 is expressing the masculine structure and order and how it contains and manifests all that was dreamed of in the Darkness. It is light filled and contains crystalline sacred geometry pieces that are partially hidden behind the gridwork. The intersecting prism within is the actual geometry of the womb to heart technology.