Ceremony work practiced in the Dark Lodge

Dark Lodge Ceremonies

Every new moon from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, since 2010

2118 Melrose Road, Marysville, Ontario. gosippiriver@gmail.com

dark lodge


Collaborative Dark Lodge Ceremonies and Gatherings

Evening ceremonies - Held seasonally   (BYO sleeping bags and finger food breakfast - coffee served at 8 am.)

  • Water/Ice Ceremonies - Maureen Walton
  • Guest speakers
  • Milk & Honey Ceremonies - Karen Holmes
  • Ramma Contact Ceremonies - Felipe Martinez
  • An annual in-person 4-day retreat (with online and local participants) co-created & with expenses shared - max 12 - date to be announced- contact Maureen

“ The Darkness, as the feminine wisdom source, abounds freely behind the protecting light of the Sun” 

We are not made aware that women in some other countries do not experience more that a day of light spotting each month. In the 1970s  for example, Indra Ghandi , the Indian prime minister, wrote that she began to experience menses for the first time when she took office because she was no longer able to meditate in circle with her women.

Women who make the effort to consciously engage their wombs daily, using this precontact womb to heart system, reach a superconscious level- fast track!

As Don Juan the mexican sorcerer said - it is a tragedy for humanity that women have been socially conditioned to think that the womb is for reproduction only. The womb is the epicentre for the evolution of humanity.

This pre contact system opens us to directly import cosmic energies into the womb and its blood, via the mighty combined Tori systems of the human, the earth and the sun.

It is my mission to share this ancestral, torus to womb to heart natural technology, best I can!

It is a global Blood Mastery system and a birthright of all women with wombs. Find the actual meditation system in audio form on the home page.

We were not meant to lose our womb blood elixir but to redirect it to the heart for reaching an enlightened state in one incarnation. The loss of our cosmic blood each month keeps us in a weakened state.
It is evident that women were not loosing their blood until approximately 200 years ago. We can redirect it at will where we choose to direct it to  depending on our needs.

I am honoured to have been shown this path by the Qero ancestors of the Andes and also by the descendants of the Wendat Peacekeeper group of Ontario.

By practicing this natural technology women and men regain natural inner strength and expansive wisdom. They ensoul themselves to such a depth that no artificial agenda can ever interfere or weaken their natural superconscious and sovereign state- ever again.

This practice allows the feminine inner strength to match the masculine outer strength, thus restoring the original harmony of the divine compliments, both within each individual and between women and men.

This is timely work- It is essential that we pass this newly recovered Blood Mastery technology on to the next generation.

About the Ceremony Space

Photos of our ceremony space. This is a magnetic womb space, to attract and receive guidance and wisdom. Therefore it is not for healing. Release and healing work can be done before entering the dark lodge by smudging. The primary practice offered here is the Andean Womb to heart technology inspired by the Qero Indians.We sit in total darkness and meditate with eyes open.