Coming of Age for Women

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8 Stations of the Womb


1 – Sacred Elixir

I open and awaken my consciousness to realize the supreme gift of my Womb blood, that is the source of all life on earth and the only portal to bring life to the planet.

2 – Moon Tea

I am excited to create a practice (with my daughter, sister relative or friend) to return our blood to the earth, in a chosen place, whether in a pot plant, or a garden. By using a natural sea sponge tampon (or similar) and making moon tea in a special teapot of beauty.

3 – Honoring my Blood

I let go the need to hide or ignore my bleeding time, or blame it for “crankiness”.

I will not act as if there is nothing spectacular happening within me!

4 – Power Shift

I begin to embrace & celebrate the increased consciousness I feel in my Soulful Womb Blood, through the waxing of the moon.

Luminus dreaming, stronger feelings, and emotions, increased sensitivities and a deeper connection to all. Or simply, lively creation energies emerging.

5 – Releasing from Abuse

I am ready to dedicate time to meditate on releasing personal, historic & karmic abuse, during the waning moon.

These block me from reaching my potential.

At the foot of a waterfall or in a bath tub with meteorites & Epson salts, lodestones, I visualize the weight of the water drawing out toxins. I use the luminous structure meditation to support this work.

This practice allows space for pure new life to enter.

6 – Feminine Power of Creation

After daily releasing for 2 weeks, I am ready, during the waxing moon, to sit in a warm nurturing Dark space, in silence.

This safe and protected space was previously cleared and cleansed. I can open my heart and soul and receive the blessings of the Feminine Creation energies, of the cosmic mother, directly.

I can feel my womb blood imprinted with her Wisdom, like a strong current surging through the water. I realize that these are Soulful energies that enliven the earth and all on it!

7 – Elementals

I honor the Elementals and develop a loving relationship with each one.

These four are my friends and companions in the work of creating anything Sacred.

The Fire ‘burns off” the water gathers & imprints, the earth & the crystals store knowledge and the air move energy (research this further in your own time).

8 – Pure New Life

I am ready to dedicate a half hour each day of my moon time, with my daughter or friend or solo, in a sanctuary or at an altar of my creation.

Use the Luminus structure med to gather in and listen to the voice of the Earth, the Cosmos and the Ocean.

As I release, my womb becomes void and is a pure clean ground for new pure life to enter.

Therefore, this is my sweet time to create beauty. I am like a sponge now. So I ask my family to support my work for the next two weeks.