Colour is born out of the Dark! From Lianne Collot (Steiner)

When darkness meets with the light it appears as a rainbow.

Light cannot give birth. For it is the end result of all that was born in the Dark.

Darkness moves in all directions & is forever unfolding & birthing (it is the womb space & primary resting place of the Soul)

Light forms & gives structure to everything the Darkness creates.

Quote;  “The arising & weaving of movement by Cosmic Soul, is carried on the nurturing hands of Darkness…to reveal itself as illuminating colour!” Liane Collot.

Colous behind the Light;  (cool)

Green– carries a spiritual quality deeply into the world of soul.So balancing the two opposite love energies of Masc. & Fem.

Turquoise; Transperent,a cosmic feeling colour,frozen in th e light, living in soul & longing for weight.

Cobalt: an opaque colour moving toward the light. Holding the will of the sacred darkness.

Indigo: free from light, Indigo is the door to mystery. a veil before the unknown, bringing you from a feeling of aloneness to a feeling of” all is one!”

Violet;  In suspension. A lake of compassion, quieting, nursing conscience.

Colours in Front of the Light:

Lime Green;  release of the first veil of darkness. Shattering dividing & reforming. Lime is split by the powerful antipathy of light.

Yellow; Radiating joy! Dying into the light(absence of dark)

Orange; Expression of awe,a gathering of soulful weight. Dark in its concentration.

Carmine: Seed of the soulful sacred dark.Resulting in an active, willing & strengthening of ideals. Expanding nature of darkness & longing for compassion.

Magenta; a revelation of creative mercy! Holding an eternal outpouring of creative will!

The perception of colour is affected by our depth of feeling.

For example one sees colour more intensely in fever (or green tea) The experience of colour can become more deadened through a lifetime because of our modern life styles. (atrophy of soul quality) this is found in a lack of enthusiasm, inner striving & will. It is revealed in colour blindness. (Since more men than woman suffer colour blindness, it reveals the lack of the inner feminine connection in men)

Colour is free movement of soul in spirit. Colour is an expression of cosmic feeling in continual movement.If one can “feel” the shift from one colour to another, one is feeling the movement of the Soul, and so we engage in “enlivening” Nature & working with the Elementals.

Sept 2013 Maureen