Mission Statement

123The mission of this retreat centre is to be an active agent in revealing the alchemy of Creation, that all women hold within their Wombs.We have been steered away from knowing how powerful we are and how our bodies work to create each month. Once we have re-membered this old knowledge, we can once more create a world of beauty, sourcing directly from the Sacred. Central is the  reclaiming of the lost global practice of the Moon Lodge tradition.

One version of the universal feminine path has been offered up to the western world by the Qero Indians of Peru who avoided contact until the 1960’s.  Thus it holds untouched original purity from pre contact, connecting us back to a time when the Feminine Principal in women, men and nature was revered.

Maureen is honoured to host different streams of Womb Wisdom at Wyldwood Sojourn, currently offered by 4 different Spiritual guides. Maureen is especially open and welcoming to teachers who have gathered together their own understandings from various primal sources and continue to uncover Feminine mysteries,  hidden so deeply.

As an artist Maureen supports participants to truly embody the teachings by offering interactive ceremonial art projects in nature, as well as providing, an authentic Moon Lodge sanctuary, which is  central for receiving this work.

For those who relate to a hands on approach to meditation and learning, the environment of Wyldwood Sojourn is perfect.

Currently most women’s spiritual groups continue to study through the masculine lens, using the male traditions to aspire to. This practice does not restore the balance needed and continues to isolate women from their own true soulful and spiritual gifts, that only they carry.

To learn the details of what these feminine gifts are, come to Wyldwood Sojourn!


Maureen in her garden beside her seasonal waterfall.