The Womb Passes

Excerpts From The Good Dark Round Table Discussions

Dear women,

my interest in Don Juans writings is not because of the “womb passes”  but that he says the men shaman are mad at the women shaman because they have extra power at their disposal and don’t care to use it.. that hit a note with me because honestly before I met this group(you) I felt the same way. – women don’t care. -this attitude contradicts the mother principle. 

 it alludes to a deeper level of programming that has been laid on women.

In order To hide the truth that 

the womb holds the key to reaching sovereignty.

He also expressed what evolution really is…that for women who consciously use their womb powers, the womb becomes and organ of evolution

 …as obviously we will give birth to superconscious and aware children if we are consciously redirecting our blood regularly… or evolution in that there would be more enlightened women to act as foster mothers. (teachers)…or evolution in that we would practice parthenogenesis.

He also mentions that the womb is in a chaotic state of turmoil because of this veiled state that lasts from birth to death.- that also rang true.

So this is more verification of the importance of uncovering more levels and to continue working those toroidal energies within us. –

the desire to awaken the womb mysteries has already come forward in all of you in this circle. so  we dont need “womb passes”.( which are methods to awaken women up to their dormant womb power)

Thanks for being there.