Wirracoucha Reveals Herself As Rainbow Woman

Wirracoucha reveals herself as Rainbow woman

Maureen Walton transcribes the ancient myth of the Americas.

The Wirracoucha was dancing in the darkness of outer space. Free and untamed she moved in all directions. 

Her Cosmic womb was heavy and full. All the designs of the universe were within her. She was brimming with the potential of all divinely inspired life not yet in form.

 Wirracoucha was the soulful source of all life and held great inner strength and wisdom.

She was dark, invisible and expansive. Her nature was thick as honey.

 Her  dance was slow and fluid. Vibrations surged through her and harmonies poured from her mouth. Colour lived within her carrying seven levels of soul nature.

– She knew everything that ever was or will be. 

As she explored her universe she saw the many suns with their little planets held in place by the magnetic forces of each of those suns gently spinning and turning. The Sun systems were like bubbles of light floating within her vast watery womb.

Wirracoucha let an aspect of her mighty self be pulled into the central magnetic field of one of those suns. Just to check in on the well being of the life forms there.

Whoosh she was swept through the central magnetic channel of the suns torus and charged with the electrical storm of the sun- soon she was shot out the other pole, in the solar winds that radiated out. At that time a small planet that was circling the sun traveled by. It was earth.-who was ready to receive these direct source cosmic energies!

 For Earth too had its own strong magnetic field to pull Wirracoucha into its  central magnetic channel.

Wirracoucha carried the suns energy with her as she traveled through the earth’s dark moist interior. There she absorbed the riches of the earths minerals and metals and inner springs and waterways..

Before she knew it Wiracoucha was emerging from the opposite pole of the earth, she was held tight to its surface by the earths magnetic forces, which were just like her own.

 Now Wiracoucha could play. She  descended  into all the earths magnetic meridians, fault lines and waterways 

 She dipped and swooped through valleys and over mountains charging all with her rich cosmic ingredients that came directly from source! They flowed with great momentum as the ethers of the atmosphere. 

 Her most favourite game happened when during the night time, she was swept into the centre of the standing stone formations built by the 2 leggeds over the earths own magnetic power points.  Here she descended as a forceful vortex pulled in by the intense energy created by the rocks own crysaline powers  and by their placements. 

 In this super charged circle she saw women and men gathered- the women were dancing slowly and swaying side to side. These women and men had their own magnetic torus fields too and they inhaled the Wiracoucha right into their bodies.. But the women had their own little chamber within to store much more of this special cosmic energy- their tiny magnetic wombs. 

Wirracoucha found herself being pulled into the horizontal channel of the women’s tori  and into the dark warm vibrant wombs of the women. She recognized that tiny space!

 It was a mini version of herself! 

She gathered and settled there and so transformed their human blood to cosmic blood! 

-no human karma could survive in this holy space!.

The women began to move her slowly through their bodies.  They breathed her up to their hearts with their newly imbued elixir – magic was happening!

 The women now saw through the eyes of Wiracoucha! They called her Kuychi! 

In the morning they were able to manifest what they had dreamed of in the night!

 Kuychi was happy with her human family. The men had built powerful stone circles to attract her and work her energies and the women had taken her into their body’s special alchemical chamber, to spread her wisdom to the whole community through the generations.

Kuychi wanted to share her pleasure of the successful collaboration with the 2 leggeds.

 She wanted to make herself visible to them if even just for a moment-  but how could an invisible force of cosmic essence as she do so?

Wirracoucha decided to step into the light.

 In the morning she hid in a dense dark rain cloud and then she stepped into the light of day. The light shone through her dense watery darkness just as she emerged. 

She was revealed as seven layers of transparent colour. They arced in a perfect curve down towards her people.

 Three cool colours were behind the light and 3 warm colours were before the light. and the middle colour was violet.

The 2 leggeds watched and smiled to see their cosmic mother in form before their eyes-

all too soon she evaporated into the bright light of day and was seen no more. 

 Behind the light once more she resumed her vast invisible dark nature and flowed on to other worlds.